“The nose do every day,” Mishka revealed an unexpected secret Zelensky

"Нос делают каждый день": Кошевой раскрыл неожиданную тайну Зеленского

Yevgeniy Koshevoy from “Quarter-95” has given unknown facts from the life of the winner of the presidential election of Vladimir Zelensky

Ukrainian humorists are tired of listening to all sorts of lies about the founder of the Studio. In the air the next edition of “Pure News” Yevgeniy Koshevoy under the guise of secrecy sarcastic ridiculed fakes about Vladimir Zelensky. Actor “95 Quarter” was presented by the most ridiculous fictions about the entertainer.

The artists jokingly said that in fact Vladimir Zelensky is sponsoring the leader of the Radical party, Oleg Lyashko. In addition, the comedian called the political project of the head of the party “national front” ex-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Yevgeniy Koshevoy “admitted” that the President will almost reverse to power to earn more money for the corporate events. In addition, Vladimir Zelensky, allegedly hidden in offshore more in ‘ 94 “Quarter”.

"Нос делают каждый день": Кошевой раскрыл неожиданную тайну Зеленского

“Zelensky was born with a clown nose, and a normal human nose him every morning doing hair and makeup”, “Zelensky is gay. This was stated by his wife, who is also gay,” joked Eugene Mishka in the program just News.

It was previously reported that Vladimir Zelensky can tell after the election. As it turned out, the candidate showed to journalists the ballot at a polling station during the voting. This became known to the police.

"Нос делают каждый день": Кошевой раскрыл неожиданную тайну Зеленского

Police officers made the Protocol on administrative violation on the part of the candidate. The materials will be transferred to the court. Action Zelensky qualified for 212-10 of the code of Ukraine on administrative offences. During the meeting, the judge will determine the penalty for illegal demonstration Bulletin — from 550 to 850 hryvnia.

“I’m not oriented and showed so”, — explained Vladimir Zelensky his action during the conversation with the police. The political strategist Dmitry Zelensky Razumkov added that the politician showed the ballot “without malice” and “accidentally”.

Recall around Zelensky an international scandal broke out: “That’s disgusting.”

As reported Politeka, Zelensky gave all PrivatBank about the future: “now it is clear who is the puppet of Kolomoysky”.

Also Politeka wrote that the network has leaked a secret document about the new Prime Minister of Ukraine: “Zelensky agree.”