The new Verkhovna Rada: all factions IX convocation and the list of managers

Новая Верховная Рада: все фракции IX созыва и список руководителей

At the first meeting of the Verkhovna Rada 9 convening of the parliamentary factions, the five also has one parliamentary group.

List of factions was announced by the Chairman of the preparatory Deputy group Dmitry Razumkov, to the creation of the Bureau, he will lead all meetings of the Parliament. 15:20 Dmitry Razumkov elected speaker of Parliament.

The regulations of the Verkhovna Rada requires, first and foremost to create a faction that will vote for the election of the Chairman of BP and of the BP.

Factions of the Verkhovna Rada of IX convocation

“Servant of the people”

The number of MPs: 254;

Director: David Arakhamiya;

First Deputy: Alexander Kornienko.

“The opposition platform For life”

The number of deputies: 44;

Co-chairs: Yury Boiko and Vadim Rabinovich.

“European solidarity”

The number of deputies: 27;

Co-chairs: Artur Gerasimov Irina Gerashchenko.


The number of deputies: 25;

Director: Yulia Tymoshenko;

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Deputy Serhiy Sobolev.

“The voice”

The number of MPs: 17;

Director: Sergey Rachmaninov;

Deputy Yaroslav Zheleznyak.

Also in the new Parliament, formed a parliamentary group of independents “For the future”. It will consist of 23 members of Parliament. Its co-chairs will be the Victor Bondar and Taras Batenko.

Новая Верховная Рада: все фракции IX созыва и список руководителей

As known, the Verkhovna Rada 9 convening after the elections on 21 July 2019 five parties. The mandates were distributed as follows: a batch of “public Servant” received 254 seats in Parliament, it is enough for a coalition majority, “the Opposition platform For life” received 54 seats, the “Batkivshchyna” got 26 seats in Parliament, and “European solidarity” — 25.

The party of “the Voice” brought in the Verkhovna Rada 20 deputies. 46 MPs won as independent candidates in the majoritarian constituencies, 10 represent other parties. 26 seats remained empty due to the inability to hold elections in the occupied territories.

As previously wrote Politeka became known to the composition of the new government.

Recall Razumkov announced monomelic “public Servants”.

As it became known, in the Parliament broke out the first conflict.