The new electricity market is working without technical problems – economist

Новый рынок электроэнергии работает без технических проблем - экономист

The new electricity market is working without technical problems

This was stated by economic expert Borys Kushniruk in comments to journalists, writes “Business capital”.

“From 1 July, the market has earned. The law entered into force in part to the fact that it is now possible to directly conclude agreements between electricity producers and consumers. They can enter into transactions directly to buy through an auction system, for example, if a sells electricity, Energoatom or hydroelectric power. Arrangements can be made when there is a company that deals with trading. The market is earned, and the collapse didn’t exactly happen. In its functioning, there is no technical problems,” said Kushniruk.

The expert noted that no system works from the first day of running in perfect mode, so if problems arise they will be solved in due course. And also noted that electricity tariffs for the population after the market launch has not changed and will remain unchanged until the end of 2020, as the government has activated the compensatory mechanism.

“Nothing for the population since July 1, has not changed. They will consume energy both at night and day tariff”, — said Kushniruk.

Recall, July 1, introduced a new electricity market, in accordance with the decision in 2017 by the Verkhovna Rada Law of Ukraine “On electricity market”. According to the law, the new model provides for the introduction of such segments as the market of bilateral contracts, the market “day ahead”, vnutricletocny market, balancing market.

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The launch of the new electricity market are the commitments of Ukraine within the framework of the implementation of the EU Third energy package. As well as the condition of Ukraine’s cooperation with the IMF and receiving macro-financial assistance from EU in the amount of 500 million euros this year.