The new clinical intriguing to Lebourgneuf

fondateurs-groupe-maclinique-maclinique-lebourgneuf(Quebec) Management Medical Centre Le Mesnil, a clinical network important to Quebec, questioned the possible opening of a superclinique less than two kilometers from its establishment on Lebourgneuf. An “intriguing” project, according to the CEO, Eric Caron, who recalls that supercliniques of location must be established as needed.

The founders of the Group and MAclinique MAclinique Lebourgneuf considering opening a superclinique Vision in the building complex, a building of over 250,000 square feet located at 725 Lebourgneuf Boulevard. The Medical Centre Le Mesnil is located at 1300 Lebourgneuf.

As it must first be GMF into a superclinique the MAclinique Group would have filed an intention to request the Regional Director of General Medicine (DRMG). Although the clinic is still only in draft form and must be at least 6,000 patients enrolled to get the status of GMF.

“For a clinic to be designated by the Minister as GMF-R [for network] or superclinique, the physician group must first be recognized under GMF program,” says a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Caroline Gingras, adding that “nothing prevents however that these steps be performed within a very short time.”

The Medical Centre Le Mesnil, became clinic network in 2008, would like to become a superclinique. The group of 20 doctors has about 20 000 patients and enrolled in around 300 new month. “We had 55,000 medical visits and seen 24,000 patients without appointment last year. Doctors have an attendance rate of 82%, above the 80% target set by the Ministry. This is an exceedingly successful clinic that has seen no medical stripping and is open 363 days a year, “says Éric Caron.

The direction of Le Mesnil Medical Center has demonstrated its interest in the Ministry for supercliniques program, but would like to discuss “some labels that are of concern.”

“In a clinical network, we work with nurse practitioners who are capable of releasing patients, whereas in supercliniques, speaking Nurses technicians who do triage but do not have the right to free patients. It is feared that it reduces access, “says Medical Director, D re Annie Gagnon.

Another irritant that has been raised by the Québec Medical Association clinics: the duty to accommodate patients without appointment three hours before the closure of the clinic. “The whole day fills up very quickly in the morning. […] It would be open 24 hours to be able to see all these patients there? It worries us, “says Caron.

When Olivier Dickson, political advisor to the Minister Gaétan Barrette, contacted the D re Gagnon to measure the interest of his group to join the super-clinic program at the beginning of the summer, it would have clearly made him understand that the criteria would not be changed.

The minister’s office Barrette, it refuses to confirm it is in discussions with representatives of the Group MAclinique about a super clinic Lebourgneuf. “There is no reported superclinique project. There will be time and place ads “merely are we repeating.

Ditto the Ministry of Health, which states only that “thirty physicians groups have, to date, demonstrated an interest in becoming supercliniques and contacted the MSSS in this regard.” “These clinics are currently at the stage of preliminary discussions, it is premature for the MSSS to disclose their identity,” wrote in an email Caroline Gingras.

The needs on the North Shore

If the super-clinic MAclinique Group Lebourgneuf project were to materialize, Éric Caron wondered how it could be reconciled with the will of the barrette minister to choose the location of the super-clinics based on the needs of the population, which located mainly in the city center and on the north Shore of Quebec.

“We do not want supercliniques open anywhere […], so they must be selectively distributed in the territory,” said Mr. Barrette in April, while ensuring that the locations would be chosen by the government and not by property developers. No way, he said, two supercliniques are one opposite the other.

“But then he would allow a super clinic settle right next to us? Are the needs warrant it? This is intriguing. […] We have a network clinic in Charlesbourg where there are only four full-time doctors, seven in total, to hold the fort. They do not provide. It is in that sector and in the Haute-Saint-Charles that there are needs, “says Éric Caron, who wonders” why these arms then [those of doctors as MAclinique Group wants to attract] does would not rather scattered in existing clinical network. ”

A network in the making?

The MAclinique Group would consider opening more than one superclinique in Quebec, if we judge by the information published in the register of companies.

It was not possible to talk to the founders of MAclinique Group, who are very discreet. “Thank you for your interest, we will contact you at the appropriate time,” told us in an email a representative of the company, Catherine Giguère, when we tried to learn more about the group’s projects.

According to information collected in the register of companies on LinkedIn, the MAclinique Group was founded in 2015 by D rs Raphael Robitaille, Jean-Philippe Bernard and Francis Meunier. The first two have addresses in the capital, while the D r Meunier resides in Montreal.

Another doctor, Dr. Dr. Bernard Alain, Matane, appears in the register of companies as a director of MAclinique Group. A named Chantal Guimont, of Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, is designated as secretary.

LinkedIn, D r Raphael Robitaille himself as “doctor, entrepreneur and philanthropist.” He owns Gestr, a management and investment company. He has co-founded Raize, a social consumer movement bringing together companies that give back to organizations in their communities.

D r Jean Philippe Bernard, for its part doctor family medicine department of the Regional Centre of Emergency Medicine Health and Social Services of James Bay, while D r Francis Meunier, resident physician at the CHUM, following a training in plastic surgery.

The company is chaired by a former sales representative for Bell Mobility, Emily Poulin. On LindekIn, it defines the group as a network that wants to “revolutionize access to primary care by creating a high quality living environment.”

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