The new benefit will make life easier in Poland, made a revolutionary decision: what you need to know

Новая льгота облегчит жизнь в Польше, принято революционное решение: что нужно знать

One of the Ministers of the government made the decision about the youth, which the country could reach new workers

About it reports “Radio Poland”.

“That’s a pretty significant benefit, as if to calculate how much money annually will remain in your wallets, then de facto we can say that, at least, the so-called thirteenth salary. If someone earns minimum wage, that is 2250 PLN (15 760 UAH. — Ed.) without taxes, for a year, he will be able to save more than 1600 PLN (11 200 UAH. — Ed.)”, — said Finance Minister of Poland Piotr Nowak.

According to him, most people earn in several times more, causing and delay are much more significant amount.

Новая льгота облегчит жизнь в Польше, принято революционное решение: что нужно знать

“If we are talking about the average wage, which is 4765 PLN, the year the purse will be about 4600 PLN. We can say that it’s more the thirteenth salary. From this point of view, it is a very revolutionary change in our country”, — he stressed.

As previously reported, the labor market in Ukraine is very dependent on seasonal fluctuations; in late spring, there are many vacancies with seasonal employment. It is profitable and convenient for everyone. Employers who have summer coming, added worries, find people in need of earnings, which in turn receive extra income.

28-year-old Ukrainian tractor Alexander of Dmitrov on these summer seasonal earnings gets 300-400 hryvnia in just over an hour. Today he works in Tomylivka Kiev region.

“My sister had surgery, needed money urgently. Then bought the phone itself, now the house you want to buy. Okay here to earn better than in Poland,” said Mr. Alexander.

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Says 52-year-old worker Alla, to each pay as much as accumulating. A woman has three summers working on the farm, picking strawberries. Here she was sent from the employment center, because all winter Alla remains unemployed.

Age limit for employees is almost absent. Older people are the most valuable employees, says the Director of the farm Sergey Wahn.

“Five hryvnia – a basket of strawberries collected at 800 grams. Young people from 20 to 50, adults – from 50 to 150. The average fee is 500 UAH”, – says Sergey.

Новая льгота облегчит жизнь в Польше, принято революционное решение: что нужно знать

Recall, the price increase will hit on the wallet Ukrainians.

We also wrote that the Ukrainians will have to pay the new tax.

Earlier Politeka wrote that the jump in rates is inevitable, “the decision was made”.