The new age of ceramics

brigitte-dahan-presente-mouvances-bibliotheque(Bromont) It is time to revise our conception of ceramics. Far from the traditional craft pottery, this art is experiencing a new wave and resolutely contemporary. The works of Brigitte Dahan are proof.

“There are still some prejudices, indeed, but when people see it, they revise their position,” noted ceramist sculptor, who divides his time between Montreal and Bromont, his “heart home” for 20 years.

It was there, in his studio, she works the clay, without using the classic tour, only with his hands. It is then cooked his plays twice, until the works which it aspires. It is not uncommon that a large sculpture requires more than 70 hours spread over several months.

Because nothing is instinctive or improvised in the work of this artist. “Everything is first on sketches. I do sometimes fifty … I drag my sketchbook everywhere in the home, traveling. Everything influences me, “she says.

His interest in the ceramic does not date from yesterday. It has always been part of his life, more or less present. But after studying art and teaching, Brigitte Dahan it is delivered more intensively. “I had more time and wanted to reconnect with creation. I loved the playful side of the ceramic. She returned grabbed me, “says the one that sets the last four or five years.

Exposure to Bromont

The fruit of his latest reflections entitled Mouvances is presented in Bromont for six weeks. To find out, you have to cross the door of the small room adjoining the Municipal and School Library Bromont, a little-known exhibition space, but charming.

On site, the curious will see the vision of Brigitte Dahan on the influence of technology in our lives. Fascinated by the cycle of nature, it offers a “circuit” where there are particular discussed the genesis, collective memory, social networks and the next generation.

These themes are presented as characters half-human face, half-animal, masks and sculptures – some large – where the pale hue of ceramic is decorated with manganese oxide, electronic circuits, bright son, and sometimes deposited on black plexiglass to accentuate the modern effect.

By laying his eyes on the sculptures, visitors can only salute the art and finesse of the artist, who each work conceals a deeper meaning.

Mouvances presented until October 22 during the opening hours of the library. Brigitte Dahan also offers private tours on appeal. Just attach it to 450-266-7807 or via its website, brigittedahan.com

The general public can also meet the artist at the opening of the exhibition, to be held Sunday, September 11, 13 am to 15 pm.

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