The new accident with the An-12, the airport dash: same collapsed near Lviv, rushing fire, and ambulance

Новая авария с Ан-12, в аэропорту переполох: такой же рухнул под Львовом, мчатся пожарные и "скорые"

In Yekaterinburg, the Russian an-12 aircraft crash-landed

The Board was flying from Chelyabinsk. At 11:20 the plane was landing and for some unknown reason, until he has not released the chassis.

The plane was really hurt, he rode on the “belly” and stopped on the runway.

To him went 4 fire engines and an ambulance. On Board were 20 people, none of them was hurt.

Новая авария с Ан-12, в аэропорту переполох: такой же рухнул под Львовом, мчатся пожарные и "скорые"

We will remind, An-12, the company “Ukraine Agroalians” disappeared from radar this morning. 4 Oct. The Board carried out a Charter flight. He departed from the Spanish city of Vigo in the direction of the city, but the Uzhgorod started to decline and in the morning disappeared from radar screens at a height of two and one-half miles. After 20 minutes one of the crew members called “101” and reported the emergency landing of the aircraft.

The search engines found on Board of five dead and three wounded.

According to Boris Bondarenko, the Deputy Chairman of the Board with safety of the airline “Ukraine Agroalians”, the crew and the instruments of the ship was completely ready for planting, and Lviv airport gave approval for the request for landing. The ship was clearly on the line of the runway. What went wrong, the carrier doesn’t know. Says, talked to the victims in the hospital, but the information is no more:

“Maybe refused ground equipment that allows you to come in for a landing. Maybe something denied that he failed to notice the crew. It can be. They say: a perfectly normal flight. Then the rustle of the trees, Bang, and we don’t remember anything”.

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