The Network revealed the secret wrinkled skin after a shower

The mystery of The causes of wrinkling of the skin on the fingers after a shower is disclosed. The reason for all are sensitive nerve endings, thus the reaction occurs.

One of the active Internet browsers posted on his page in the social network of amazing photographs, which became the impetus for a mass debate the rest of the users. He took a picture of my hand after showering. The picture shows four fingers were covered with wrinkled waves, and only on one skin remained smooth as before the adoption of water procedures. The user, who spoke with the author, stressed that on one finger no nerve endings, and because the skin is not changed after water.

At the beginning of the vast Network gathered whole discussion about the causes of wrinkling of the skin on the arms after significant contact with water. In the end, it became clear that it depends on the activity of the nervous system. After such manipulations have even some psychiatrists who diagnose nervous activity of man. In addition, the gathered a lot of likes and reviews.

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