The network reported the appearance of the planet Nibiru on the horizon

Internet users believe in the existence of the planet Nibiru, reported the appearance of a mysterious star on the horizon of the Earth. According to some explorers, soon the mysterious object from space will collide with our planet.

Currently the world’s scientists did not comment on statements of eyewitnesses, allegedly depicting the appearance of Nibiru on the horizon of the Earth. Netizens are skeptical about the version of the existence of a mysterious space object appeared on the world wide web the pictures of Nibiru the result of a competent photoshop, despite the official recognition by the specialists of the American space Agency NASA of the existence of the mysterious planet. According to European scientists and their colleagues from NASA have long known about the exact coordinates of location of Nibiru, but do not want to share them with the world society.

Conspiracy theorists previously reported that a mysterious planet X will collide with the Earth on November 19 this year, subsequently destroying all life. In turn, the American researcher Daniel Manson Nibiru confident, mysterious space objects destroy our planet until 2018.

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