The Network originally ridiculed Russia’s reaction to US sanctions

В Сети оригинально высмеяли реакцию России на санкции США

The situation commented with humor.

The Russian Embassy in Washington commented on the new sanctions imposed by the US state Department against Moscow, calling them “draconian,” reports the Apostrophe.

This is stated on the website of the Embassy.

“On August 8, our Advisor-envoy at the state Department was declared the new “draconian” sanctions under false pretenses. Any facts or evidence, as usual, has not sounded. To our clarifying questions, the U.S. side, citing confidentiality, refused to give explanations. At the same time it was stated that the United States has sufficient data to conclude that “the guilt of Russia” in the use of chemical weapons”, — wrote in dipvedomstva.

In turn, the adviser of the President of Ukraine Yuri Biryukov his page on Facebook with sarcasm commented on the situation.

“Between the two pictures in four years. Four years journey from “concerns” to “draconian”. Iskander is not funny. Iskander is already sad. Iskander soon to be terrified,” wrote Biryukov.

В Сети оригинально высмеяли реакцию России на санкции США

After the post was followed by fun comments.

В Сети оригинально высмеяли реакцию России на санкции США

“I want to wait until: 1) they will call the new crippling sanctions, 2) the crowd will come to Putin and ask, “now what do you want, asshole, not enough? okay well was it. You will be responsible for the fact that everything is so stupid and foolishly pissed away with his friends”, “the night, their dollar want to push a project already in Congress”, “Iskander laughed because of the sanctions, Ukraine. And draconian U.S. sanctions administered now from-for poisonings with Skripal, not over Ukraine. Unfortunately,” the debating users of social networks.

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Recall, the evening of 8 August, the state Department spokesman Heather Nauert reported the introduction of new sanctions against Russia, accusing Moscow of “using biological or chemical weapons in violation of international law or against its own citizens”.

The first block, which begins on August 22, assumes a complete ban on exports to Russia of electronic devices and components of dual use. The second set of sanctions introduced with a delay of three months and involves lowering the level of diplomatic relations, withdrawal of permission for Aeroflot to make flights to the USA, and also the almost complete cessation of trade between the countries.

Currency exchange quickly reacted to the statement of the state Department. Almost immediately after the announcement of sanctions, the ruble continued to fall, down to in 2016.

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