The network has shown how to prepare chocolate farms in Malaysia (PHOTOS)

В сети показали, как готовят шоколад на фермах в Малайзии (ФОТО)

It’s an art.

From Bob to tile technology of crafting chocolate manufacturers. They control the process from the growing tree to the finished product did not get nesekretnye ingredients. Often to extend the life of the chocolate factory added to the candy stabilizers soy lecithin, which keeps all the components together, and flavoring, allowing the use of cheap raw materials. Craft manufactory create the market for other chocolate – unique and useful for health. It’s a fair competition, not the number, reports the with reference to

After the first meeting with this chocolate I wrote letters to several manufacturers in South East Asia with a request to tell me about the technology of its manufacture. For taste and secrets, I was ready to fly to another country. One of the responses came from Malaysia, where I lived at the time.

Express info by country

In Kuala Lumpur I met Ning – the founder of the company, which produces handmade chocolate chocolate Concierge. Ning manages the farms that grow cocoa beans, chocolate is fermented the fruit in the wine barrels and believes that with the help of chocolate he introduces people from different countries with their native Malaysia. Ning told me about the technology and the shared passion.

В сети показали, как готовят шоколад на фермах в Малайзии (ФОТО)
В сети показали, как готовят шоколад на фермах в Малайзии (ФОТО)

He explained that technology from bean to bar first of all take into account the taste and quality. That is why manufacturers do not use flavourings, stabilizers or flavor enhancers. Companies that make chocolate this way, in the world more than fifty. Mainly producers located in the “cocoa belt” – where the climate allows to grow cacao trees. It is South America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

В сети показали, как готовят шоколад на фермах в Малайзии (ФОТО)

On farms chocolate Concierge the first time I saw cocoa-trees. First, on the trunk there is a flower, and after five months it turns into a Mature fruit of white, green, yellow or red. The color of the fruit depends on the variety of cocoa and determines the next taste of chocolate – berry or bitter, maybe with vanilla. Handmade chocolate compare with wine in it besides the taste is full, aftertaste, aroma and viscosity.

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В сети показали, как готовят шоколад на фермах в Малайзии (ФОТО)

Old does not mean bad

Farm of ning located an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur. The road leads into the mountains. We stop near the farm, we were met by a worker in high boots with pruning shears in hand. We see the old trees. I asked about the farm. Seeing a notice in the local newspaper, ning decided to buy this farm, despite the fact that the previous owner already signed a contract for the felling of cocoa trees and planting palm plantations in their place. Ning bought a plantation without hesitation, and he got the trees in the age of 20-25 years. For cocoa this is very much a tree gives much fruit, only the first five years and then the yield decreases. In the world there is almost no 25-year-old trees, after all, to care for them unprofitable. But ning did not do that, and now a portfolio of Concierge chocolate unique chocolate with fruits of the old tree.

В сети показали, как готовят шоколад на фермах в Малайзии (ФОТО)

Other farms of ning – young trees or even saplings, which will give a first crop in three years. The cocoa tree bears fruit all year round. For the maturation of the fruit takes five months. The flowers grow directly on the trunk. Then from the flower stalk is formed, and the fetus. Trees should be protected from squirrels and insects. Squirrels love to chew on the sweet cacao fruit, it is for them a real treat.

When the fruits are ripe, farmers cut them with shears, break off a stalk banned because then this place will not grow new cocoa fruit. The previous cut of the fetus, on the contrary, will be the basis for the next flower. Harvest on the farm of ning is collected once in a month. The owner himself monitors the process, assesses the harvest and teaches the farmers.

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В сети показали, как готовят шоколад на фермах в Малайзии (ФОТО)
В сети показали, как готовят шоколад на фермах в Малайзии (ФОТО)

Mature fruits are harvested and sorted by species, varieties and colors. Further break on the sharp stones or the metal edge of the trough and get a fragrant pulp, which tastes like an exotic fruit the mangosteen and was not like the usual taste of chocolate. Clean the flesh as soon as possible transported to the fermentation station, so that she does not start to ferment prematurely.

The fermentation is carried out in barrels of brandy, wine or port. Says it’s one of the secrets of chocolate Concierge. Senior farmer daily measures the temperature and humidity in the barrel. If it’s cold, the fermentation will be slower, if it’s hot – faster and beans can turn sour. Typically, the beans are fermented for six days, but for some kinds of chocolate require up to 30 days.

В сети показали, как готовят шоколад на фермах в Малайзии (ФОТО)
В сети показали, как готовят шоколад на фермах в Малайзии (ФОТО)

After the beans are dried, lay them in the sun and pre-protecting them from insects and rodents. Dried beans ready for transport within the country and for export. They are sealed in a tight plastic bag, and behind him in a linen or jute, to protect from rodents and insects.

The birth of a miracle

We drove amidst a jungle of streamers back to the city. In the back of a pickup truck was carrying bags of dry beans. In the shop they are roasted in the oven. This process, like other stages, is very important. Roasters use special cards that tell you how to make chocolate beans desired taste. Baked beans grind in the grinder (the machine with granite wheels) and remove the husks and garbage of the device, similar to a vacuum cleaner.

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В сети показали, как готовят шоколад на фермах в Малайзии (ФОТО)

The beans are ground 6 to 72 hours. When I asked what it depends on this time, ning said that from the type of wood, amount of sun, which received the fruit, fermentation, and several other factors. Even morning rain affects the taste of the future of the product.

Gradually, the beans turn into a smooth chocolate mass, to which is added sugar and cocoa butter. To understand how much sugar is in a chocolate, easy. 70% chocolate and 30% sugar. Chocolate of the grinder moves to the shop where it is made of sweets, chocolate and truffles.

The company use products from Malaysia. Instead of the usual orange – flavored pomelo, Malay, mango and passion fruit. Buy them fresh at the market at four in the morning on Tuesdays. Cooked fruit purees, emulsions, jams and used as a filling for chocolates.

В сети показали, как готовят шоколад на фермах в Малайзии (ФОТО)

In the shops Concierge chocolate carefully wrapped in waxed paper and pack in boxes. Meet guests, talk about the unique trees on the farm, introduce flavors and combinations. Chocolate you can buy for $3-5, candy or truffle for $1-1,5. The products of this brand only sell in Malaysia, but I do know that the of ning big plans.

From the fruit to the careful packaging, everything is imbued with knowledge, quality and belief in the big dream – to acquaint the world with Malaysia through the chocolate.

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