The Network has shown how living occupied “LNR” the city (VIDEO)

В Сети показали, как живет оккупированный «ЛНР» город (ВИДЕО)
The tremendous economic decline, lack of prospects for young people and the constant threat of becoming a theater of military operations. Such is the current life of the occupied Krasnodon (Sorokino).

About the everyday life of the captured city is told in a recent episode of the program “Donbass. Realities,” reports the DILL with reference to Диалог.UA.

The biggest problem of Krasnodon in that city, located on the road between Lugansk and Donetsk, has become hostage to their best from a military point of view of geographical location. In the city in 2014 are Russian tank parts. And in 2014-2015, he oversaw the grouping of Chechen field commander Timur Wild, which threatened to catch and deal with the very Akhmetov. Now the Chechens are not remembered, they stayed in the city for long and moved in an unknown direction.

Now the main branch of the city’s economy, the coal industry is in decline. Mine, “pressed” from the company Akhmetov, “Metinvest”, transferred to the South Ossetian “the strip” — the firm “Vneshtorgservis”. Coking coal is exported to Russia, someone “welded” on it considerable money, while ordinary workers are unable for several months to receive their meager wages. Last winter, the men almost mutinied.

The occupied Krasnodon — also a city with propaganda potential. There annual holidays to the dates associated with the history force during the Second world war, the underground youth organization “Young guard”. Features the Museum.

But in fact the situation with respect to the memory of guard — to the limit cynical. Held in the city, the grandiose festivals for the “picture” for propaganda “media” and in the same village are overgrown with grass the graves of the young.

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Journalists emphasize, Krasnodon is a city that is relatively tolerable to live retired. People of working age, especially young people trying to get out of there, because they do not see any future.


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