The NBU stated that large-scale changes in the banks: what will change for Ukrainians from 1 September

В НБУ заявили о масштабных изменениях в работе банков: что изменится для украинцев с 1 сентября

The national Bank is going to optimize the financial institutions of Ukraine

There are new requirements that come into force from 1 September.

So, in the first day of autumn, the NBU plans to optimize the implementation of cash operations of banks, as well as the organization of work with cash in foreign currency and the hryvnia, the magazine writes ekonomichna Pravda, citing the press service of the NBU.

В НБУ заявили о масштабных изменениях в работе банков: что изменится для украинцев с 1 сентября

So, now innovation will be that in cash documents will not contain the requisite “Bank code” and will not use a card with examples of signatures of customers when the financial institution will maintain their accounts.

Also, the new requirement will be the delivery of hryvnia cash to the national Bank on a contractual basis with the export to circulation banknotes and coins.

Innovation is the fact that banking institutions must provide their customers with cash funds or own revenues or the reallocation of cash into their network.

In addition, the regulator changed the storage order of change coins in the vaults of banks and identifying those responsible for the storage, set the single characteristics of packing materials for banknotes of the new material.

As we wrote earlier, Alexander Pisaruk, who worked as Deputy Chairman of the NBU Valeria Gontareva, now wants to take a new position.

Ex-first Deputy Chairman of the NBU Alexander Pisaruk now negotiates with the managers of the Austrian “Raiffeisen Bank” – the topic of his appointment to the position of Chairman of the Board “Raiffeisen Bank Aval”.

To agree on a candidate Pisaruk left only to the government Supervisory bodies and the Bank’s Supervisory Board has already approved his candidacy.

В НБУ заявили о масштабных изменениях в работе банков: что изменится для украинцев с 1 сентября

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As has informed a source in Bank, the journalist Alexander Dubinsky, the curators of the Ukrainian subsidiary “Raiffeisen” outraged by today’s Chairman of the Board of the Bank Vladimir Lavrenchuk. It is noted that he was going to get fired for “systematic absences”.

The current Chairman of the national Bank of Yakov Smoliy, most likely, will be fired, because he violated anti-corruption legislation. At the moment, the resin has declared false information on 18 million hryvnias.

Pisaruk same from 2014 to 2015, he held the position of Chairman of the NBU Gontareva have. Then it is very well remembered because of the scandal with the theft of a refinance, the NBU by UAH 500 mn, which identified “Ukrainian professional Bank”. As a result became bankrupt.

Recall, PrivatBank was caught in a scandal in Odessa: “millions settled in the pockets”.

As reported Politeka, PrivatBank put the debt in 212 thousand 500 UAH: secretly numbered years.

Also Politeka wrote that PrivatBank was caught in a scandal with debts on credit cards: what happened.