The NBU made an important statement about the growth of prices in Ukraine: “Tough conditions”

В НБУ сделали важное заявление о росте цен в Украине: "Жесткие  условия"

The national Bank of Ukraine believe that by the end of 2019 inflation will decline to 6.3%

In the beginning of 2020, it will reach the target range – 5%, according to the quarterly inflation report of the NBU.

“Slowing inflation will continue to contribute fairly tight monetary conditions. Even with the gradual reduction of the interest rate to 8% in nominal terms in 2021 its real value throughout the period will remain high due to improvement in inflation expectations,” the report says.

В НБУ сделали важное заявление о росте цен в Украине: "Жесткие  условия"

The NBU also said that the reduction of inflation will affect: a prudent fiscal policy, the slowdown in wage growth, low energy prices on world markets, abundant supply of food.

It was also reported that elections to the Parliament provoked the growth of prices for housing in the capital of Ukraine, in particular in new buildings. Buyers before July 21, showed an increased interest in the purchase of square meters.

Experts name two reasons for this hype. First, the political uncertainty before the election, and the desire of Ukrainians to make a safe investment. And secondly, the buildup of dollar exchange rate is this summer very actively reduced.

В НБУ сделали важное заявление о росте цен в Украине: "Жесткие  условия"

Experts say that those buyers who keep their savings in UAH before the election, afraid of currency shocks and decided to invest in property, thereby affected the growth of housing sales in the primary market of the capital.

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The developers believe that the activity of buyers subsides, and, on the contrary, this is only the beginning — there will be a new wave.

Experts predict that in the fall, when the Ukrainians will be convinced that the economy is stable, begin to purchase new buildings. And, according to forecasts, there will be a surge in sales by 8-10%.

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