The national currency grows stronger, the dollar continues to fall: the Ukrainians introduced a new currency exchange rate

Гривна крепчает, доллар продолжает падение: украинцам представили новый курс валют

The exchange rate in Ukraine on 22 may 2019: torque – in effect, the American dollar goes down

On Wednesday, may 22, the national Bank set the exchange rate in Ukraine at this level:

$ 100 -2611.2451 UAH;

100 euros -2914.4107 UAH;

10 rubles — UAH 4.0461.

The dollar continues its decline, it fell by 9 cents, the Euro does not lag behind the dollar’s decline, it fell by 12 cents compared with yesterday. The Russian ruble also retains the dynamics of drop – on 2 pennies.

In the previous banking day, Tuesday 21 may, acted in such an exchange rate in our country:

$ 100 — UAH 2620.2895;

EUR 100 — UAH 2926.0773;

10 rubles — UAH 4.0632.

Trading on the interbank market on may 21 was closed with the dollar at 26.14/ 26.16 hryvnia. Euro 29.14/29.17, Russian ruble 0.4047/ 0.4052 of the hryvnia.

In the Ukrainian banks, the average exchange rate of the dollar on Tuesday made up 26.00 UAH per purchase and up to UAH 26.30 on sale.

On Tuesday, may 21, will act such official rates of precious metals (10 ounces):

Gold – 334 152,42 UAH

Silver – 3 794,18 UAH

Platinum – UAH 215 649,83

Palladium – 344 830,10 UAH

Гривна крепчает, доллар продолжает падение: украинцам представили новый курс валют

As previously reported, this year decided a new leader on wages, which slipped from first place a perennial favorite. Bloomberg, citing an annual ranking presented by Deutsche Bank, called the city, which is home to the most generous employers.

Thus, the leader of 2019 was the American San Francisco. This city managed to move the Swiss Zurich, which long time was the head of the rankings, says RBC-Ukraine.

Salary prestigious “bronze” went to new York.

Experts named the reasons for which San Francisco was in first place. One of the main components is the rapid development of the technological sector of the USA. Fast technical progress has led to the fact that the average salary in San Francisco including taxes is about $ 6526.

The “silver medalist” of the Zurich – 5896 dollars, and in new York the average pay – 4612 dollars.

Next on the list are also American city – Boston ($4280), and Chicago ($4006).

In the prestigious list of the largest salaries provided and the big cities: Sydney (Australia), Oslo (Norway), Copenhagen (Denmark), Melbourne (Australia) and London UK).

Cities of Ukraine in this list are missing.

Recall that the workers record affected the economy of Ukraine: NBU has sounded the alarm.

As reported Politeka, the national Bank launches a new service: what you need to know the Ukrainians.

Politeka also wrote that Ukrainian banks will be deprived of licenses: NBU has issued a new regulation.