The mystery of the poisoning Alibasov disclosed, it is now clear that hiding in the “On-On”: the poison slipped…

Тайна отравления Алибасова раскрыта, теперь понятно, что скрывали в «На-На»: яд подсунул...

The victim of the “Mole” is a Russian producer Bari Alibasov, decided to name the perpetrator of the incident

He told about it during communication with Russian media.

So, during court session, Bari Alibasov said that the bottle on the window sill put the musician of group “on-On” Vladimir Politov.

“When you opened the bottle, the smell of some kind of felt?”, — asked the Prosecutor.

In response to this Alibasov said, he drank the liquid out of the bottle.

Тайна отравления Алибасова раскрыта, теперь понятно, что скрывали в «На-На»: яд подсунул...

“No, I opened immediately drank. I don’t even let him in the stomach. My mouth immediately exploded. But its effect is absolutely terrible. I still don’t works the stomach, the esophagus, constantly stuffy nose. Every day I go to the clinic”, he said.

As previously reported, Bari Alibasov told what exactly happened that ill-fated evening, prior to his poisoning and hospitalization. Bari Alibasov was the hero of the program Andrey Malakhov “live”.

Bari Alibasov said that that night, did the cleaning on Russian TV:

“Suddenly feeling thirsty.” Then, the producer came to the table, where stood bottles with bright labels and grabbed the first available:

“What faster pour? Well this certainly!” – showed to the camera a bottle of household chemicals. Further, the almost celebrity faked his poisoning. After journalists asked why the producer didn’t smell from the tank, Bari Alibasov said:

“You look equally decorated bottles. Looks good, the bubbles fly, like orange juice,” said he, adding that everything happened very quickly.

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Further, in the framework of staging your carbon monoxide poison, Bari Alibasov went to the sink, took a mouthful of water from the tap and portrayed the spitting:

“To die from it, you need only 40 seconds. Where you will run for this time?” he said.

Bari Alibasov also remembered that after the incident grabbed the phone and called loved ones. The first came to him a son.

Тайна отравления Алибасова раскрыта, теперь понятно, что скрывали в «На-На»: яд подсунул...

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