The mysterious disappearance of a teenager shook the whole of Ukraine: “when I find it…”

Таинственное исчезновение подростка всколыхнуло всю Украину: «когда нашли, то...»

A terrible tragedy occurred in Ivano-Frankivsk region

There still may 7 in the village Motise missing 16-year-old Nicholas Figel.

The guy searched for a few days, the relatives, the police and the villagers. Two days later when he was found, all were in shock. The boy took his own life in the attic of the house where he lived with his grandparents.

Таинственное исчезновение подростка всколыхнуло всю Украину: «когда нашли, то...»

Teen hanged herself, according to the Main police Department of Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Found nick on may 9. Now the police finds out the reasons why 16-year-old boy died. Open criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 115 of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

As previously reported, two girls, pupils of the 9th class, took a lethal dose of medication to kill myself. One of the girls managed to survive. Teen girls found in different toilets one of the schools of the occupied Crimea.

The drugs were found in the backpacks of students. Psychologists have suggested spring depression, provoked by the fear of exams.

The tragedy occurred in the town of Krasnoperekopsk. Both students attended school №4.

The girls took large doses of the drug that was in the jars from the “no-Spa”. Alina S. has taken poison before he died, and Alina H – after the first lesson that saved her life.

“Girls found in different toilets. In backpacks freshmen found other medicines of the home kits, which indicates an advance decision to kill herself. While the main reason to take extreme step to consider depression from the approaching exams. Both Alina never used drugs, had no criminal record. Sipacheva was raised in a complete family, and Chepurnaya were controlled by only one parent,” reads the message on the social network.

Earlier it was reported that in the river accidentally passing over the bridge, the driver saw the girl jumped from the bridge in a suicide attempt.

The man called the police and reported that the Samara bridge, jumped the girl. To a scene there arrived crew of the patrol police, ambulance and several rescue teams.

The witness said that drove across the bridge when I saw a girl who stood at the railing and looked down. After that the driver decided to turn around to talk to a girl, but after a few minutes she was gone. Assuming that she could jump down, the man called the police.

Таинственное исчезновение подростка всколыхнуло всю Украину: «когда нашли, то...»

More than an hour rescue workers searched for the girl jumped, however, to find her and failed. If the police believe that there is a possibility that the girl does not jump, and went home.

We will remind, mother stabbed daughter and himself from a grave illness.

As reported Politeka, a young boy hanged himself in Kiev on the pink rope, found a farewell note for Tatiana.

Also Politeka wrote that the seventh-grader couldn’t handle the pressure in school and made irreparable.