The mysterious deaths of girls in the capital: “the corpses lay on each other”, the details of the nightmare

Загадочная гибель девушек в столице: "трупы лежали друг на друге", подробности кошмара

The bodies of two women in an unnatural position found in Moscow apartment

The girls were placed on each other, and in the next room were a hungry dog, writes “MK”.

On June 23, inhabitants of one of houses on the street Matveevskaya found a terrible discovery. Local residents were disturbed by an unpleasant smell from one of the apartments and they immediately called emergency services. There were found the bodies of two young women who have already begun to decompose, and three hungry dogs whining in the next room.

Загадочная гибель девушек в столице: "трупы лежали друг на друге", подробности кошмара

The apartment was very hot and because of the putrid smell there was is impossible. Women found in the kitchen, they lay on each other and were dressed only in underwear. In the next room found whining mongrels, who immediately ran out of the apartment where they were fed by the neighbors. After some time, the police asked local residents to identify the bodies of girls.

One of the women was the hostess of the apartment — 40-summer Elena, the second was able to identify only of military ID, which is found in the apartment. As told neighbors and relatives, the victims were common interests to alcohol and they were constantly disturbing the public order. The girlfriend was repeatedly brought to criminal liability for theft and fraud. The landlady was a former police officer and kindergarten. After the divorce, she regularly began to drink.

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— Elena has a strained relationship with his mother, who lives in the nearby area. She and her girlfriend set from hangout, there are constantly heard swearing and the sound of fighting. We with other tenants fought them as best he could, one of them at me with the axe attacked, but the police refused to initiate criminal proceedings. We even Puchkov (Andrey Puchkov, the former chief of police at CJSC was removed from office by decree of the President of “business Golunova”. — approx. ed.) for a personal appointment went about the apartment, but changed nothing — said neighbor Irina.

Загадочная гибель девушек в столице: "трупы лежали друг на друге", подробности кошмара

Neighbors said that girls were often visited by suspicious guests, but the day before nothing strange no one noticed. Investigators were surprised by the unusual location of the corpses. At the moment law enforcement authorities are awaiting the results of expetise. To establish the cause of death is complicated by the condition of the bodies that has changed. According to preliminary data, the girl died three or four days ago.

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