The mysterious death of two flight attendants in Russia: “shorts found…”

Загадочная смерть двух бортпроводников в России: «в шортах нашли…»

Two young men who worked as flight attendants, were found dead in a rented apartment

The police say that the bodies of the dead of signs of violent death were found.

In Russian the Moscow suburb of Khimki in the apartment were found dead two парня1990 and 1992 years of birth, worked as flight attendants.About died approximately 12 hours before he discovered their bodies, Russian media writes.

Загадочная смерть двух бортпроводников в России: «в шортах нашли…»

One of the deceased named Anton had not applied itself felt since October 8. His last words were: “I went to the party”. No one man alive has not seen.

Signs of violent death experts on the dead bodies not found. However, they managed to find something else. In shorts, the police found a metal tube and bags which contained some white powder. All found sent for examination.

There is speculation that the boys could use in a rented apartment drugs and die from overdoses.

One of the young people originally from Kirov, the other came to the capital of Russia six months ago from Ufa. A friend recently told journalists that his friend did not use drugs, was a normal guy. He earned and financial had the support of their parents.

“He always tried to help. I do not remember that he talked with some bad company,” said one flight attendant.

It is also reported that one of the flight attendants working in the airline “Russia” and another — “Aeroflot”.

Загадочная смерть двух бортпроводников в России: «в шортах нашли…»

Earlier we wrote that inadequate she has made a scandal aboard the Royal Flight EN route overnight flight from Dominican Republic to Moscow.

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A witness to the incident claims that debauchery was seriously drunk. Shortly after the passengers took their seats on the plane, she went to the toilet.

“When the plane went to taxiing, she came out of the bathroom, the flight attendant asks her to take his place, now take off. It was there he began to speak: “Can I stay in the toilet, I feel bad” and so on. The flight attendant says to her: “It’s impossible to do,” asked her to take his place. She raised a tantrum, no, “I take my place, I need the toilet” and so on. In the end it somehow reassured, put”, — said the man.

After that, the passenger began to argue with other people. Then she flipped the food was brought to her flight attendants. And then peed in his chair.

Загадочная смерть двух бортпроводников в России: «в шортах нашли…»

We will remind, the mad Russian boxer was expelled from the plane for brawl.

As reported Politeka, a famous Russian singer made a shameful brawl at the airport.

Also Politeka wrote that the aircraft with the Russians in the sky shook to an emergency, the pilots started an emergency reduction