The mysterious death of a child in “Artek”: “died two hours after…”, creepy details

Таинственная смерть ребенка в «Артеке»: «умер через два часа после...», жуткие подробности

Student from Russia who came to the occupied Crimea on holiday in the famous “Artek”, was urgently hospitalized

The child was taken to the Yalta city hospital No. 1, where he died.

11 Oct 12-year-old boy from St. Petersburg, who was on vacation in Gurzuf in the international children center “Artek”, rapidly became bad. The child was hospitalized in one of the Yalta hospitals with the diagnosis “pneumonia”, Russian media reported.

Таинственная смерть ребенка в «Артеке»: «умер через два часа после...», жуткие подробности

Two hours after he got to the hospital, the boy died.

Russian journalists, citing a source in the Crimea, noted that the student was admitted to doctors in non-critical condition. In the hospital he took the tests and imposed the antibiotic.

“But what happened after and what exactly was the cause of death is the current big questions,” said the insider.

After the death of the child criminal case under article “causing death on imprudence owing to inadequate execution of professional duties”.

In the “Artek” in Yalta hospital is the seizure of documents, the investigators questioned the children’s centre staff and facilities assigned to the examination.

Earlier we wrote that the story of born in Ukraine Siamese twins ended sadly. In children’s clinical hospital died Siamese twins who were born in the night of 28 September. The tragedy occurred in Chernivtsi in the regional hospital.

It is known that the mother of the dead girls never navidale their never in the hospital before the babies did not. The death of the girls stated the evening of 5 October. In the hospital was appalled because of the behaviour of the parents — the mother never came to the girls, and his father only brought products.

Таинственная смерть ребенка в «Артеке»: «умер через два часа после...», жуткие подробности

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On the eve of irreparable kids were in a very difficult three days.

Add that a newborn baby had two heads, total body and one pair of hands and feet. Doctors have considered a feature of the fetus of a woman who first became pregnant at our first ultrasound examination, but she did not believe until the end in what happened, and from the abortion refused.

The doctors immediately after the birth of the children said: “children Have multiple defects requiring intensive care, so they are under further examination and assistance. We counsel, consult”, — said the head of the intensive care ward of Chernivtsi hospital No. 2 Lyudmila Agafonova.

We recall the tragic incident occurred in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

As reported Politeka fatal accident with children occurred near Kiev, “no chance.”

Also Politeka wrote that in a terrible accident in the Kharkiv region ended the life of a young girl