The murder of the son of the leader of “DNR”: surfaced the scandalous facts, “lived in Kiev”

Убийство сына главаря "ДНР": всплыли скандальные факты, "жил в Киеве"

Surfaced interesting facts from the biography of the son of one of leaders “DNR” Eugene alipova, who was found murdered in Kiev

This writes the commentator.

As you know, the other day in Kiev at the Lobanovsky Avenue was found dead Eugene alipova, who is the son “of the head of service under tariffs of the “DNR”. He died from a shot to the head.

Убийство сына главаря "ДНР": всплыли скандальные факты, "жил в Киеве"

As you know, Alipov is a senior in the occupied Donbas — a figure well known. In 2015 he was appointed “Deputy Minister of construction and housing,” psevdorespubliki.

Prior to the occupation of the region Alexander Alipov was Deputy Minister of Minregionbud and the Deputy head of the region on housing and communal services. Before the war against alipova Sr. opened a case on suspicion in sale of liquefied natural gas at low prices.

While the “Ministerial portfolio” in the “DNR” Alipov was the Deputy “mayor” of Gorlovka. However, the position he took only 3.5 months. Now he is engaged in “tariffs” in the occupied territories of Donetsk region.

Surprisingly, native son of a controversial person lived freely in a peaceful area. Before the outbreak of hostilities, the late Evgeny Alipov led in the Donetsk market “Proprietor”. However, during the shelling of the market was broken.

Убийство сына главаря "ДНР": всплыли скандальные факты, "жил в Киеве"

Убийство сына главаря "ДНР": всплыли скандальные факты, "жил в Киеве"

“Indeed, this fact was, there went our group. Legal qualification of suicide, article 115. According to his relatives, recently deceased was in the doldrums. There is a consequence”, — said the Deputy speaker of police John Nerush.

In Kiev at alipova, Jr. was firm “officer Service”, which is actively engaged in the sale and purchase of timber. In Cherkasy another company “Zolotoy Kolos”, is also engaged in the sawmill and carpentry business, Alipov there one of the three beneficiaries.

In addition, Evgeny Alipov was the Director of TOV “Information and billing center” which is engaged in computer programming, but he left the firm in 2017.

We have previously reported that in the occupied Donbas found the body of the son of one of leaders “DNR”. Killed Evgeny Alipov — son of Alexander alipova, acting head of the Republican tariff service of “DNR”, and before that was Deputy mayor of Gorlovka. Until 2014, Yevgeniy Alipov, General Director of the wholesale market “Proprietor”, what did you do with 2014 unknown.

At the same time, local journalists said that the murder occurred under very mysterious circumstances.

“Son alipova at the beginning of may this year, shot in the head in his apartment. They buried him in Donetsk”, — underlined in the message.

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