The murder of the son of the leader of “DNR”: surfaced interesting details, “would be alive”

Убийство сына главаря "ДНР": всплыли интересные детали, "был бы жив"

Surfaced interesting details from the biography of the son of one of leaders “DNR” Eugene alipova, who was killed in the occupied Donbas

About it on his personal Facebook said the journalist and the blogger Denis Kazansky.

According to him, Evgeny Alipov could now live under that condition, if not betrayed Ukraine in 2014.

Убийство сына главаря "ДНР": всплыли интересные детали, "был бы жив"

Kazan recalled that prior to the occupation of Donbass Evgeny Alipov held the prestigious position and the future prospects.

“Senior Alipov, who had to work in the Cabinet of Azarov, after 2014 defected to the militants and went to work in the so-called “government DND”. His son also remained in ORDO, which ultimately led to a tragic end,” he says.

“It is always interesting in such cases is something not enough people? In “poor Ukraine,” Oleksandr Alipov, Deputy Minister in the government. The victim Evgeny Alipov — the Director of a large agricultural market “Proprietor”, located on the outskirts of Donetsk. Why was it necessary to betray his country, which had such a full life, to change career and prospects for a nedorespublike and criminal ghetto, where life is not worth anything?” — asks the journalist.

Denis Kazansky has no doubt that Alipov, Jr. would be alive today, if in 2014, they chose the Ukrainian side.

“And most likely would work in a good position. But instead he chose life on the reservation without laws and rules, where human life costs nothing” — he concluded in his Facebook.

Убийство сына главаря "ДНР": всплыли интересные детали, "был бы жив"

We have previously reported that in the occupied Donbas found the body of the son of one of leaders “DNR”. Killed Evgeny Alipov — son of Alexander alipova, acting head of the Republican tariff service of “DNR”, and before that was Deputy mayor of Gorlovka. Until 2014, Yevgeniy Alipov, General Director of the wholesale market “Proprietor”, what did you do with 2014 unknown.

At the same time, local journalists said that the murder occurred under very mysterious circumstances.

“Son alipova at the beginning of may this year, shot in the head in his apartment. They buried him in Donetsk”, — underlined in the message.

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