The murder of Roma in Lviv: the attacker left behind bars

Убийство рома во Львове: нападавшего оставили за решеткой

Two months in jail without the right to bail

Two months in jail without the right to bail. Lviv court of appeal upheld the previous decision of pre-trial arrest of one of the assailants in a Roma camp in Lviv. After the incident, six of the attackers were caught, four are now in jail, two of which assisted in the investigation under house arrest. For appeal – followed by my colleagues.

Yaroslav was Pugile, who together with a group of juveniles attacked a camp of Roma in Lviv, will remain in jail at least another month. Judges sentenced him to two months in prison without the right to bail. But lawyers today tried to appeal the decision. Because the boy is underage – the meeting was held behind closed doors.

“Mi wajam scho pdoran in this case mozhut Unicode vddlo. On the pre-rossdowney to maibutnyogo”, – said Vladimir Telepko, the Prosecutor.

The Roma camp in Lviv was attacked on the night of June 24. The brutal massacre staged regular students. During the pogrom seriously wounded four people, including a 10 year old boy and a woman. And one person died.

“Scorched in the Bud’ka, knife here, otak, all beat, that’s just me, the knife was his, hammer,” says Raj, the brother of the deceased.

As it turned out, the students were preparing to attack carefully drew a plan of the camp’s capture and escape routes. Also made up a list of participants. They consisted of informal group “Sober and angry youth.” His office was installed in the garage near the Roma Tabor in the room the police found neo-Nazi simvoliku.

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This event shook not only Ukraine but the whole international community. The press Secretary Secretary General of the Council of Europe tweeted: “we are appalled that in this time killed a man.”

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