The murder of a famous Director: 30 years later emerged an unexpected truth

Убийство известного режиссера: спустя 30 лет всплыла неожиданная правда

In Los Angeles, USA, found the murderer of the Director of the cult film “Wonder woman” and “the Incredible Hulk” Barry crane

“Then it was probably because I was addicted to drugs,” said the man. According to him, he often didn’t remember what he did, but because anything could happen, reports The New York Times.

So, 54-year-old Edwin of Hiatt admitted that could kill a Director in 1985. When the man was transported for questioning, he admitted to reporters that could kill a crane, when used drugs.

Убийство известного режиссера: спустя 30 лет всплыла неожиданная правда

“Everything I do today is a totally different lifestyle than we were before,” admitted

Then the police decided to compare his fingerprints with the prints left by unknown on handlebars stolen auto crane and found the killer who was hiding for decades.

“By a wide margin 57-year-old crane has played more tournament bridge, won more titles and scored more points workshops than any other,” according to U.S. media.

Before the appellate court of Kiev made the decision to release the murderer from custody on November 28, just in the anniversary of the tragedy. The offender stayed in prison seven years and was released on the “Savchenko’s law” which provides for a reduction of sentence.

“Acne killer already on the loose! 7 years ago killed Vitaliy Rozvadovsky. He was 30. Yesterday Kyiv court of appeals released right in the courthouse the killer — the law Savchenko. The killer soon turns 25. A whole life ahead”, — said a friend of the murdered photographer Olesya Ostafievo on his page in the social network.

Убийство известного режиссера: спустя 30 лет всплыла неожиданная правда

“It happened in the date of the death of Vitaly on 28 Nov. In the court of Appeal in the evening released the killer. We at the meeting was not, because us lawyers have advised not to attend. There was a reduction of the term because he gave of 13.5 and 14 years. And “the law Savchenko” it turns out that 7 years and was let go because expired. The lawyers told us that they did not expect, and we. This is a big threat to the public because these people are dangerous,” said the sister of the photographer

We will remind, on the grave of the famous poet there was a stabbing.

As reported Politeka, the body was discovered at the famous school Tabakov: I lay in the relaxation room.

Also Politeka wrote that maniac without regret, told how he dealt with the 16-year-old.