The murder of 9-year-old Lisa rocked the city, the crowd stormed the police: details of the nightmare

Убийство 9-летней Лизы всколыхнуло город, толпа штурмует полицию: подробности кошмара

Several hundred people gathered at a spontaneous rally in the garage array, where they found the body of missing nine-year-old girl

Participants of the rally demanded to give them the alleged killer of the child. Arrived on the scene, the police asked the crowd to disperse. (To see the video prostrollo down)

About the disappearance of nine-year-old Lisa K. in the Russian Saratov became known on October 9, it was looking for more than a day. In search of participated volunteers “Liza Alert”, the police and local rescuers. The regional Investigative Committee opened a case of murder (paragraph “C” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code).

The evening of 10 October, the girl’s body was found in one of the boxes near her home on the High street. The information that the child died, confirmed to TASS the Deputy Minister of the Saratov region Roman Basargin: “Found the girl’s body”.

Agency “Version-Saratov” writes that a suspect in the murder detained, the man confessed. The alleged murderer was brought to the garages to make investigative experiment, however, the scene began to gather the locals. The townspeople began to rock the police car, which could be the culprit. According to the Agency “Free news”, people also began to throw at police cars items. Arrived at the scene of the riot police. Telegram-channel Baza reported that to disperse the protesters the police used tear gas.

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The alleged murderer was taken to the police Department of Kirov district. Protesters began to gather outside. Angry citizens took the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Saratov Andrey Chepurnoy, he urged the audience to remain calm, says “Version-Saratov”.

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