The murder of 9-year-old Lisa Kiseleva: there’s footage from the scene of the terrible tragedy, “started at 20”

Убийство 9-летней Лизы Киселевой: появились кадры с места жуткой трагедии, "начал в 20"

Details became known about the murder of 9-year-old girl Liza Kiseleva from Saratov

It turned out that the criminal Michael Tulatin alternated sexual crimes of property. He was 6 times convicted of theft, robbery, and rape, reports the telegram channel 112.

Since the age of 20, Tomatin was constantly in sight of the security forces. In his criminal history of theft, robbery, indecent assault, rape and violent actions of sexual character. Now the murder of young girls.

Убийство 9-летней Лизы Киселевой: появились кадры с места жуткой трагедии, "начал в 20"

As you know, a third grader Lisa Kiselev for 2 days looking for 2000 people. Police, investigators, volunteers from Saratov and Ryazan. Found the child’s body in the garage, near her home on High street.

Michael Tulatin already confessed. Experts trying to find out whether the girl was raped.

A suspect in the murder of Lisa Kiseleva was detained October 10.

Investigators caught the suspect when practicing all the local residents with criminal records. When they came to Tomatina and asked about Lisa, he said he doesn’t understand what it was about. The police is alerted in the area for the second day everybody was looking for Lisa and do not know the history of her loss was unreal.

Убийство 9-летней Лизы Киселевой: появились кадры с места жуткой трагедии, "начал в 20"

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In the end Tomatin confessed to the murder. He said that he hid the girl’s body in an abandoned garage at Tomatina was a secret passage there. In the garage the suspect was a wardrobe behind which was a hole.

The killer brought to the garages, to conduct an investigative experiment, however, the scene began to gather the locals. The townspeople began to rock the police car, which could be the culprit. According to the Agency “Free news”, people also began to throw at police cars items. To disperse the protesters the police used tear gas.

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