The murder of 9-year-old Lisa Kiseleva: surfaced the scary details from the biography of the murderer

Убийство 9-летней Лизы Киселевой: всплыли страшные детали из биографии душегуба

The scandal with the murder of 9-year-old Lisa Kiseleva in the Russian Saratov continued

It is reported 360tv.

A suspect in the murder of a little girl appeared Michael Tulatin, who was previously convicted

Убийство 9-летней Лизы Киселевой: всплыли страшные детали из биографии душегуба

As told reporters a friend of the suspect, in 2001, Michael Tomatino wrote out administrative fines for disorderly conduct. And in 2004, he broke into someone’s house, whence have stolen 36 thousand rubles.

If you look at the social network, the personal page of Michael Tomatina are crowded with subscriptions to groups with pornography and erotica.

Friend also said that since the accused in the murder of 9-year-old Lisa Kiseleva was a normal person. Moreover, he did not smoke and did not consume alcoholic beverages.

“Always worked — something to do with the construction… Quiet, like, all of the Ponte… Loved having sex with different partners,” said a friend of the suspect

Sam Michael Tulatin during the interrogation, admitted that he killed 9-year-old Lisa Kiselev. He strangled her due to the fact that the child he allegedly insulted.

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Убийство 9-летней Лизы Киселевой: всплыли страшные детали из биографии душегуба

Previously, we reported that the Russian Saratov disappeared 9-year-old Lisa. Her quest began on 9 October, and the next day he was found dead of a child. After some time the police arrested the suspect, who confessed.

The alleged murderer was brought to the garages to make investigative experiment, however, the scene began to gather the locals. The townspeople began to rock the police car, which could be the culprit.

People also began to throw at police cars and various items at the emergency arrived the riot police, who with tear gas and tried to disperse the protesters.

We will remind, massacre in the center of Odessa acquires new details: what the pensioner told the Ripper

As reported Politeka, there was the terrible massacre in Odessa.

Also Politeka wrote that the new girl’s disappearance alarmed Odessa.