The murder of 5-year-old police: the tragedy at Kiev cluttered with terrible parts

Убийство 5-летнего ребенка полицейскими: трагедия под Киевом обрастает страшными деталями

Militiamen told about the investigation of the murder in the Kiev region of the 5-year-old boy

Wednesday, October 9, the head of the RRG novel Pipe during a briefing about the new details of the case. According to him, Cyril Slavov was killed by a single bullet. Despite the fact that it has been over 4 months since the tragedy, still not found the weapon from which shot.

“It’s clear that the victim died from a single bullet, hence the bullet one party”, — said Pipe, noting that the type of weapon was installed in the early days of the investigation, but it was never found.

Pipe added that during this time, law enforcement officers conducted more than 30 searches. Currently, the final stage is the examination process.

Pre-investigation is scheduled for completion in November 2019. By this time, I hope the RRT will be able to find a weapon.

In addition, opened several criminal proceedings in respect of doctors Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi hospital (for improper assistance baby) and the action of the local police (because of possible slow response or concealment of instrumentalities of crime).

Убийство 5-летнего ребенка полицейскими: трагедия под Киевом обрастает страшными деталями

Previously, we reported that on may 31 near Kiev, was badly wounded 5-year-old Cyril Tleuova. A boy with his brother and friends were playing near the house when the bullet hit him in the head. He was taken to the hospital, but after a few days the child died.

Убийство 5-летнего ребенка полицейскими: трагедия под Киевом обрастает страшными деталями

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Police Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky in the morning of 1 June detained two suspected police officers, who were drinking nearby and started shooting at the cans. They turned out to be 31-year-old Ivan Prikhodko and 42-year-old Vladimir Petrovets. They were taken into custody.

Later arrested another member of the shooting – Dmitry Torticollis. And on July 18, the suspect was charged and 16-year-old minor son of Petrovac – Stas, who was involved in this shooting. The court did not send him to jail and left under nocturnal house arrest.

Recall the murder of Cyril Tleuova cops: surfaced the scandalous twist, “went on the increase”.

As reported Politeka, shooting a drunken COP in Kiev: there was an unexpected suspect, scandalous details of the case.

Politeka also wrote that the murder of Cyril Slavova: worst fears come true, nobody expected it.