The MTQ will fix the ruts of Highway 10

1222784(SHERBROOKE) The Department of Transport (MTQ) will undertake work in order to repair the roadway of Highway 10 at the height of Sherbrooke.

The MTQ has launched a tender to fix ruts that can be noticed in different locations on the right lane of the motorway, La Tribune has learned.

The ruts formed at the height of St. Elias, just before exit 137, are deeper. They may even destabilize some small cars that do not run it.

“We will fix the ruts, but we have no exact timetable confirms Nadège Tessier, communications advisor to the MTQ. We will add the ride comfort. ”

“There will be work on 11 kilometers, but not continuously. It was also planned work on Highway 610. ”

The contract includes the installation of a prepared mix and placed hot, installation of prefabricated detection loops, the average length markings and rumble strips on the shoulder on 10/55 and 610 freeways.

The estimated amount of the contract is between $ 1 million and $ 4 999 999 highlights the bidding.

The stretch of highway between routes 220 and 222 is the busiest in the Eastern Townships with 48,000 vehicles per day of which eight percent of heavy vehicles, says Ms. Tessier.

“The work will be at night to minimize interference with the flow,” she says.

“It could be ramp closures of the freeway during the work. ”

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