The MP is rigidly screwed directly in the session hall, the Ukrainians in anger: “Fire!”

Нардеп жестко влип прямо в сессионном зале, украинцы в гневе: «Уволить!»

In the Internet appeared the video, as the MP from the faction “people’s Servant” knopkodavit in front of everyone

Reports about it “Honestly”.

“Elena Kohanchuk pressed the console button sitting on the right Rublev at 13:32 during voting for the bill on the construction standards to improve standardization in construction (No. 1052)”, — stated in the message.

Pay attention that the incident has caused a real uproar from the users of the network.

“Well, fire!”, “Faces of the new methods – old”, “Well, why do that? Votes well enough! Itching or payment shifts (the number of pressing the button?”, “Let them lay down their mandate. It would be wise”, “Bingo! Not day and a holiday,” they write.

As previously reported, leading Alexander skichko, who is now a member of Parliament from the “Servants of the people,” caught in a scandal due to its party member Sergey Litvinenko

The latter went against the law and voted instead on the meeting of Parliament. Videos like “knopkami” MP, leaked online at YouTube.

Нардеп жестко влип прямо в сессионном зале, украинцы в гневе: «Уволить!»

It should be noted that this is not the first case of Ghost voting in the new Parliament. At the morning meeting of September 10, during the vote for the presidential bill of impeachment so did the MP, a member of the independent candidate from the Donetsk region Alexander Kovalev.

Kovalev pressed the button on the other independent member of the Donetsk region — Maxim Efimov.

In comments to the activists Kovalev at first denied the fact of pressing buttons, but after watching the video, in fact, admitted that he had violated the Constitution.

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“(For the ear) is very negative… There you can see that I pressed the button? Badly, very badly… If we take the weighing of sins that are violated for some periods, then let this be the most-the smallest sin, because it is already broken… If we are to fight for the Constitution, let us more to fight, and the button…”.

The head of the Ukrainian Parliament Dmytro Razumkov in a very harshly reacted to the first fact “knopkodavstvo”.

“Public movement “Chesno” was the first recorded case of pressing buttons in Parliament of the NINTH convocation. To congratulate you, sorry. I hope that after we will take all necessary laws, which we have promised the people of Ukraine, it will be unacceptable and impossible in the Verkhovna Rada”, — said the speaker.

Razumkov personally addressed to the erring MP and urged him not to do more by ear.

As you know, President Vladimir Zelensky has long said that for such violations deputies will be severely punished. Razumkov even recently threatened to “chop the hand” for the movie.

Нардеп жестко влип прямо в сессионном зале, украинцы в гневе: «Уволить!»

Recall that Zelensky has told how he wanted to steal a batch of “public Servant”.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky is prepared to reduce taxes Ukrainians, voiced terms.

We also reported that Zelensky hurt the colleagues Poroshenko.