The motocross track will be built in Saint-Felicien

benoit-milot-kevin-benoit-offertThe Saint-Felicien motocross track project is about to materialize despite the reluctance of some citizens.

This project, for three years by passionate developers will begin its crucial phase with the adoption of a second draft regulation that imposes restrictions on users. We want to avoid at all costs the inconveniences that had raised the track that had been laid near the Relais des buttes in the rank of the Salmon River.

The noise should not exceed 45 decibels during the day and 40 decibels after 20h. The utilization rate will be limited to 25 hours per week.

The mayor of Saint-Félicien, Gilles Potvin, judge that the track will be far enough away from residences. “Having zero downside is rare. We are on public land. We do not want to make the same mistakes as in the past. I think there are means to achieve consensus for a great initiative that allows families of the two RCM enjoy their hobby in a suitable place, “he commented.

While it is open to the project and sees it as a good thing, it reminds developers and users that they will be closely monitored. “I think that there will be no abuse and that they will comply with the regulations. It is a privilege we grant them. It will be removed if they do not comply. ”

In order to make more acceptable the project, a meeting was held there a few weeks between developers and citizens who may be affected by the implantation site in the Saint Methodius sector.

Monday night, the citizen Bertrand Boutin expressed her fears. He could think of motocross riding at full speed in the path of the Church. He thinks that the track could be done elsewhere. The other proposed land were rejected because did not meet the requirements of the development plan of the MRC Domaine-du-Roy.

The draft regulation will be submitted to the people soon. A public notice will know the details.

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