The mother saved the boy from imminent death: “tears”

Мать спасла сына от неминуемой гибели: «в глазах слезы»

The young man fell into a coma, and doctors told the family that his brain is already dead

The young man was going to carry to his native village, there to be cremated. However, a miracle happened now.

An amazing story of salvation occurred in the Indian village of Pillalamarri. There is a mother rescued her son from that he was not burned alive. In early summer, 18-year-old boy Gandam Kieran was in the hospital in new Delhi with severe vomiting and high fever, the magazine writes Daily Mail.

Мать спасла сына от неминуемой гибели: «в глазах слезы»

Doctors have diagnosed the patient, a severe form of hepatitis.

The young man was bad enough, but the treatment did not bring results, which in the end, he fell into a coma. Doctors, without thinking, told grieving relatives that there is no chance and the boy is brain dead.

The family has decided to disable the guy from the life support machine and began to prepare for cremation. However, unexpectedly the young man’s mother noticed his eyes with tears. Stunned the woman immediately called the doctor.

Doctors said that the patient’s heart beats and began to fight for his life. After some time the young man regained consciousness, and in early July he was discharged from the medical institution. To heal he is already home.

As previously reported, in Kiev June 10, vacationers are noticed in the river Dnieper, the man no signs of life. The corpse was floating at a distance of 15 meters from the shore between the River station and Trukhanov island. The place was called special services.

Rescuers brought the body to shore and handed him over to the medics. At preliminary survey of signs of violent death on his body was found. Apparently, the man drowned on one of the city beaches at the weekend. He then floated down stream to the city center.

The corpse in the water noticed the campers were on the beach Trukhanov island. At preliminary survey of signs of violent death on his body the doctors have not found. Probably a man drowned at the weekend on one of the city’s beaches. He then floated down stream to the city center.

The deceased was about 35 years old, he was wearing only swimming trunks. The police checks the information about the missing on the Dnieper river to establish the identity of the man.

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Мать спасла сына от неминуемой гибели: «в глазах слезы»

We also wrote that the lake district Zaplavnoe in Darnytskyi district of Kiev drowned man. Call line emergency services that in the waters of the lake the man disappeared from sight, arrived at about 12:02.

To the place of profit rescuers-divers diving and conducted a search to identify the bodies of the drowned. In seeking at a distance of 30 meters from the shore at a depth of 8 meters was found dead men born in 1970. He was immediately transferred is investigative-task force. Law enforcement authorities will investigate the cause of death.

Earlier, we wrote about the details of the terrible murder of Ukrainian women in Mexico.

As reported Politeka, the occupant of the monastery, who went to Putin, cut the girl to pieces.

Also Politeka wrote that he died one of the most dangerous criminals in the world.