The mother rejected the child, whose face formed a terrible tumor

Severe the cancer had covered the face Kambu si, also known as prosper, depriving him of the ability to see and breath normally.



Prosper says: “When I got sick, everybody said me it is impossible to cure. I’m no longer loved by family and so my mom stopped caring about me, and was instead more concerned about your other children. When the disease worsened, all left me. My father was the only one left to care.”

Aggressive tumor began to grow, when the child was only 11 years old. The mother did nothing to treat, and when it became too late and the giant disease completely captured the boy’s face, or even refused it.

To get at least some help, father prosper was contacted by sister Claudine from Liliana’s Fund, a charity that specializiruetsya in the treatment of children with disabilities from developing countries.

The charity has taken the suffering of a boy in the hospital of Naples in Italy, Pascal, to name a diagnosis that could not be identified for six years.



The doctors were surprised to find that he actually suffering from a very rare but deadly form of cancer – Burkitt”s lymphoma. It attacks healthy cells in the immune system, and, if untreated, can be fatal.
Now prosper is undergoing chemotherapy is, stem cell therapy and radiation therapy, the doctors believe that this will lead to the reduction of the tumor.

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