The mother of three sons, the wedding first dance danced with her husband, and sons

All the guests were delighted!

Мама трьох синів, на весіллі перший танець станцювала не з чоловіком, а з синами

The main character of this movie-young, beautiful and active woman. She is the mother of three adult sons, who are ready to do everything to ensure that she was smiling. In my first marriage with my dad she could not find happiness, and the couple divorced, informs Rus.Media.

Herself a woman dedicated to the education of their sons, and it turned out perfectly. Favorite when the boys grew up, mother was able to find time for personal life, and very soon in her life a worthy man. The sons did not interfere with their relationship, on the contrary, they were glad that mom finally found her soul mate.

And then came the day when the woman decided on a serious step – to legalize relations with a new lover. Their wedding was lush and fun. At the feast of the mother and her three sons prepared a wonderful surprise. The first dance was not from the newlyweds, as is customary in the tradition. First dance mom danced with my sons. All the guests were delighted.

The bride first went into the middle of the hall and began to dance with his eldest son, then came his two brothers, distributed sunglasses, and then began something unimaginable.

Words to describe their dance is impossible, its a must see! We suggest you do it now!

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