The mother abandoned her infant daughter and fled: “when the girl spoke,..”

Мать бросила свою маленькую дочь и скрылась: "когда девочка заговорила, то.."

In Russia, law enforcement authorities looking for relatives of the little girl the unknown woman left at the clinic of Moscow

The child is now undergoing the necessary tests in the hospital, according to preliminary data, physically she is healthy.

Investigators are interviewing witnesses, employees of hospitals and calling on “citizens who recognized the girl and have any information about her place of residence or relatives to contact in the Savelovsky Interdistrict investigatory Department GSU SK the Russian Federation across Moscow.

Abandoned by my mother girl for 2-3 years, began to talk, and the first phrase was in Ukrainian.
Figured it out almost by accident. The baby became something to Twitter, like “no”. However, more information, except that she lives with mom and dad, to find out failed my baby.

Мать бросила свою маленькую дочь и скрылась: "когда девочка заговорила, то.."

The doctors decided to call her to talk to a woman from Ukraine, who was in the next room.

As noted by psychologists, the child is not confined, despite the stressful situation, this may say that she used to stay with strangers and is not ashamed of them.

About a little girl who was sitting on a bench in the clinic on Butyrskaya street, doctors told the visitors. They tried to speak with the girl and ask where her parents are. But she only looked at them with round eyes. And didn’t say anything. Doctors began to ask the visitors if anyone doesn’t know the girl had seen her parents? It is obvious that this baby was not able to come to the clinic. But no one knew anything.

I had to connect the police. Law enforcement officials requested the video from the surveillance cameras.

The CCTV cameras, it became clear that the girl in the clinic led by a woman. According to preliminary data, mum. Currently a search for women.
Мать бросила свою маленькую дочь и скрылась: "когда девочка заговорила, то.."

Recall that in Kiev mysteriously disappeared 13-year-old girl.

As reported Politeka, little Ukrainians forcibly held at the Embassy of Denmark.

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that the girl disappeared without a trace near Odessa.