The most popular options for cleansing the house from bad energy

Mental state at zero? Communication with family ends in scandal?

Найпопулярніші варіанти очищення будинку від поганої енергетики

You spend all day crying into the pillow, and more depression? Perhaps the problem lies not within you. Just you home of bad energy!

Not trying to change something, don’t know if that’s true, but because this article will reveal 5 of the best ways to cleanse the energy of your home, informs Rus.Media.

Update the interior

Any update symbolize something new, pure and unexplored, and therefore deciding to clean energy in the house is the place to start fixing. In addition, repair is the interaction with a loved one, which helps to check the strength of relationships. You will have new topics for discussion, you will become more to communicate, learn to negotiate and make concessions. No doubt, before the end of repair you will be surprised how it changes your attitude towards each other.

And even if you are not ready for a global change, simply rearrange furniture, update Wallpaper. Your house will become cozier, and my heart lighter.

Go with the flow

Are not solved to global changes? Then the best way is to restore the house in perfect order. Try to throw out old shoes, to take out rubbish or to find things appropriate application. Most people have a General cleaning associated with renewal and purification, so this is a good way to fill the house with new, clean energy.

By the way, so cleaning should do together with a loved one. This will allow you to remember the good old days, discussing things that have caused you positive emotions, flip through a photo album and refresh your senses.

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Get houseplants

General cleaning has a remarkable property – exempt cluttered places you haven’t been paying attention, and dismissed shelves for new and interesting solutions.

One of them may be plants. They please the eye and improve the visual perception of space, filling it with living energy. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, and therefore are health and improve mood. In this house you can relax and meditate, so decided to clean the energy in the house, without the green of the flora is simply not enough.

Hang bell

Surely you had to experience the depressing pressure of presence in the house of a foreign power, the “spirit” of the former owners. To restore energy in this case, one with ventilation will not work. But things will change if you hang on the front door bell. It is believed that it drives away evil spirits, protecting house from evil spirits.

Slightly jingling bell, go home, do not forget to look into the most secluded corners of closets and attic. Zazvoni them along with the mirrors and front Windows, in every corner of the house, and then hang it over the front door. Very soon you will notice that your house became quiet and comfortable.

By the way, bad energy in the house similarly, there are candles. Just walk with a lighted candle in the secret corners of the housing, covering all the mirrors. Rest assured, it will relieve the house from negative energy.

Use salt

Salt in ancient times is indulged in the magical properties, or rather, the ability to absorb negative energy. To use this tool, dissolve in warm water a handful of salt and rinse with a solution such walls, ceilings, and floors present in house items. Through the day again swipe cleaning – rinse with saline solution, pour dirty water, rags bury away from home.

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In addition to cleaning, sprinkle salt in a saucer and place one saucer in each room, and after 2-3 days, put salt together with utensils, away from housing.

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