The most famous Hyper modernity (PHOTO)

Самые известные гиперреалисты современности (ФОТО)

They were indistinguishable from photographs.

Among the huge number of genres of fine art emphasis on hyperrealism. Fans of such films come to the delight of the next masterpiece artists, who miraculously create images that are virtually indistinguishable from photographs, but skeptics argue that this pseudocyst. But in any case, it’s hard not to agree with him that these paintings look just amazing. In this review the most impressive paintings in the style of Hyper-realism that can hardly be distinguished from photographs, reports the with reference to Cultural studies.

1. Pause (Alyssa Monks)

Самые известные гиперреалисты современности (ФОТО)

Alyssa Monks is an American artist from new Jersey whose work has been shown at art exhibitions worldwide. She became famous thanks to the realistic paintings and so I started to use the unusual concept. Alissa noticed that some “natural filters” like water, glass and vapour, distorting vision of the world in such a way that facilitates its transfer to the canvas using oil paints and thick brush strokes.

“Pause” is just one work in a series of 21 Hyper realistic paintings by alyssa Monks, in which she portrayed the people behind water and glass.

2. The Mosh pit (Dan WITZ)

Самые известные гиперреалисты современности (ФОТО)

The picture of the “Slam” Dan Witze, written in 2001, is firmly entrenched among the most famous paintings in the art house in recent years. The artist is somewhat similar to those hooligans-music lovers who love to loaf about in front of the stage in a mad crowd. He managed just perfectly realistic to convey this atmosphere.

3. X-Statix (Jason de Graaf)

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Самые известные гиперреалисты современности (ФОТО)

It is difficult to answer unequivocally, what is meant is a canadian painter of his title of the painting, but looking at it, it is difficult to distinguish the canvas from the pictures. Jason de Graaf has an extensive portfolio of incredibly detailed realistic paintings.

The artist paints exclusively inanimate objects, and the typical motifs in his works seem to be water (or other fluids), as well as reflecting metal surfaces.

4. Fuori o dentro (Roberto Bernardi)

Самые известные гиперреалисты современности (ФОТО)

Another sign of a great artist is the ability to turn everyday objects into things that make people think about life. For example, which is only photos uploaded of the dishwasher. It’s hard to believe, but in fact it is oil painting on canvas, made by Italian painter Roberto Bernardi, one of the leading artists in the field of photorealistic art.

Like Jason de Graaf, Bernardi draws people to their work, concentrating on still lifes, which he does brilliantly.

6. More milk please (Diego Gravinese)

Самые известные гиперреалисты современности (ФОТО)

Sometimes you just envy the Argentine artist Diego Gravinese and other similar Hyper realistic artists in how they are able to capture the moments happening around every day. In this case, the painting depicts a girl, eagerly drinking the milk out of the carton.

6. Everyone sometimes succumbs to the temptation (Tom Martin)

Самые известные гиперреалисты современности (ФОТО)

This is not a photo… it is one of the superrealistic paintings of Tom Martin on the subject of food. Martin is an English painter who says he gets his inspiration to create his paintings to daily life. In fact, he clearly likes to eat, since most of his paintings are to do with food, and only one — c girl.

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7. Auspicia (Robin Ali)

Самые известные гиперреалисты современности (ФОТО)

Any artist hyperrealism is good to have some “chip” your special talent that makes him stand out among all others. For example, Alyssa Monks is simply gorgeous in the image water and glass, and Bernardi has apparently, for the soul came a brilliant dish. In the case of Robin Ali, of course, the “trick” is to cellophane as it can be seen in all paintings of this artist.

According to the Australian (British) artist, the cellophane should be a modern isolation of the individual (which you can often see but cannot touch). As he told Ali, he often felt “detached” from the world. But that doesn’t explain why many of his models are depicted naked. “Auspice” is a picture of Eli, on which the least Nudes.

8. Sin Título 4 (Pedro Campos)

Самые известные гиперреалисты современности (ФОТО)

One need only look at this painting by the Spanish artist Pedro Campos. It is so realistic that you just want to reach out and take one of the cans.

One thing is clear — the works of Pedro Campos, few people can distinguish from the photos at first glance.

9. NVA 24 (Paul Cadden)

Самые известные гиперреалисты современности (ФОТО)

Technically not a painting. NVA 24 is a graphical figure, which, frankly, can only be explained by the fact that Paul Cadden is something of a sorcerer.

Most of the drawings Cadden makes 3 to 6 weeks, and they are usually sold for $ 8,000.

10. Aurora (David Kassan)

Самые известные гиперреалисты современности (ФОТО)

According to many people, the picture Cassana great not only because of their hyperrealism, but also because they combine these “normal”, everyday people with abstract backgrounds. It looks like a photo of a man put on something fabulous.

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