The most dangerous item in the house, “the source of many diseases”

Назван самый опасный предмет в доме: «источник многих болезней»

Scientists recommend to change the subject at least once a week

During numerous studies, scientists have identified the most dangerous household item, careless use of which can cause many serious diseases.

So the most dangerous subject was, seemingly ordinary sponge for washing dishes.

It would seem, because the sponge is constantly present cleanser, it also has to do with the bacteria. But no, a sponge, literally, a hotbed of a huge number of various bacteria.

According to experts, “only six square inches each sponge swarming about ten million of various bacilli”.

Назван самый опасный предмет в доме: «источник многих болезней»

So, on kitchen sponges, the researchers found Campylobacter — the bacteria that cause acute infectious disease.

In addition, the study conducted by researchers from Germany, gave an even more depressing result. Conducted its experts stated, that one cubic centimeter foam sponge for washing dishes, there are no less than 20 billion microorganisms, including microorganisms that cause meningitis and pneumonia.

“The bacteria live and reproduce, not so much on the surface as in the pores of the foam,” said the researchers.

So experts recommend to change the sponge at least once a week. Don’t skimp on the sponges, because your health is much more expensive.

It should be noted that experts have named six dangerous things in the house, on which surface more bacteria than the toilet lid. One of the main “drives” of bacteria is also a shower curtain. It’s all about humidity and heat in the bathroom, which are the perfect environment for the vital activity of harmful microorganisms.

Назван самый опасный предмет в доме: «источник многих болезней»

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In addition, this added to the dirt that we wash off in the shower. Therefore, experts advise to wash the curtains weekly, and 2-3 times a month and does hang a new one.

Dustbin – another favorite breeding place for bacteria and germs. Its worth at least once a year to change and do not forget to take out the garbage.

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However, the next morning trouble was repeated, but instead of a small stain in its place was a fairly large abscess. The girl did not bother again and did the procedure, get rid of suppuration. Here are just some reason this time something went wrong: after some time, the face of 21-year-old girl was rapidly swelling, there was pain and fever.

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