The most common scenarios.

The most common scenarios.

Найбільш поширені сценарії.

The emergence of a romantic relationship between colleagues psychologists think it is normal. About 50% of the time a person spends at work. Here she not only performs his duties, it has to interact with others. At work, friendships, affection, not excluded, and flirting. Colleagues sometimes become spouses, informs UkrMedia.

The possible consequences of office romance

The British even have such a thing as a work spouse, which means “working man”. It’s a co-worker (usually of the opposite sex) with whom good relations. But not always such good unions. Communication between colleagues can end very badly.

Let’s look at the most common scenarios

Gossip and rumors

Even if you carefully hide their relationship, it is still a leak will happen sooner or later. After the other employees will learn about the relationship between colleagues, they begin to spread rumors (this is especially true in women’s groups). Against this background, possible jealousy, envy, you will be discussing. Be prepared for ridicule and jokes. TS

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