The most common “commercial diagnoses” and myths in gynecology

Recently in medicine coined the term “commercial diagnoses”, i.e. the diagnoses that are most often not associated with serious diseases, and the desire of unscrupulous doctors to impose on the patient is excessive, sometimes unnecessary treatment.

Найпоширеніші «комерційні діагнози» та міфи в гінекології

We will describe the most common incorrect diagnoses, to see whether all is so dangerous, some experts say, informs Rus.Media.

Myth # 1: you need to treat Ureaplasma

The vast majority of cases, diagnosis and treatment of Ureaplasma and Mycoplasma are not needed: these microorganisms are normal can exist in the genital tract of men and women without causing any diseases.

Myth # 2: HPV (human papillomavirus) should be treated

Perform drug treatment of human papillomavirus is not necessary – today there is no single drug effectively influencing the virus.

Myth # 3: immunomodulators contribute to the treatment of many diseases

For the successful treatment of gynecological diseases do not need immunomodulators, interferons, vitamins, dietary supplements, medications, as well as the means to restore the gut flora and the vagina.

Myth # 4: you need to treat cervical erosion

Cervical erosion can be treated in only two cases:

  • if you have spotting after intercourse;
  • if a woman is present, the excess quantity of regular white discharge with no odor.

In all other cases, the treatment of erosion is not required.

Myth # 5: endometrioid ovarian cysts you need to remove

Not all endometriotic ovarian cysts require surgical treatment: small cysts up to 2 cm permissible dynamic observation. Pregnancy on their background is also acceptable and safe.

Myth 6: the diagnosis of “gardnerellosis”

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Such a diagnosis does not exist. Is the disease “bacterial vaginosis”, which increases the number of several types of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms, including Gardnerella. Isolated detection of Gardnerella by PCR (polymerase chain reaction) indicates the presence of the disease.

Myth # 7: when the tilted uterus hard to get pregnant

The angle of the uterus to the front (or rear) is nothing more than a normal variant and does not affect the possibility of pregnancy. For this particular posture is not needed.

Myth # 8: genital warts need to remove

It is not necessary to remove the smaller warts of the vulva and vagina, if they do not create any aesthetic or physical discomfort, and their presence indicates only a doctor – they are safe and, as a rule, independently for 1.5-3 years from the date of occurrence.

Myth # 9: pregnancy with myoma of the uterus impossible

The vast majority of cases, the uterine fibroids is not the cause of infertility but can affect a pregnancy: not all fibroids necessarily need to remove before pregnancy. “Interesting position” with myoma of the uterus (in some cases) can proceed without complications.

Myth # 10: uterine fibroids need to remove

Quite often, uterine fibroids can be treated without removing the uterus itself: there is an effective non-surgical method of treatment is uterine artery embolization. In menopause the uterine fibroids are not treated. This does not apply to those cases where it suddenly starts to grow.

This article is for informational purposes only. Before using the data provided above, consult with a certified specialist. The editors do not guarantee any results and assumes no liability for damage or other consequences that may arise as a result of using the information provided above.

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