The moon comes to the magic of Lumina Foresta

parcours-nocturne-foresta-lumina-connu(Coaticook) “There’s not just Foresta Lumina is beautiful, the moon too eh! “Dad who reassured his young son at the entrance of the impressive suspension bridge over the Coaticook Gorge would have known better to say the good weather and the nearly full moon had made a perfect natural picture to the end week opening Foresta Lumina.

More than 2,400 people crossed the path of the gate illuminated Friday and Saturday. This is more than the score achieved last year for the first, and even if it beats the record attendance we achieved at the height of the previous seasons is still much to these short nights solstice eve. According to the director general of the Gorge Park, Caroline Sage is a good omen for the summer beginning. “We are super happy! Reservations are also up compared to last year. ”

If you believe the whispers (human) agreed on the trail, edits made to Foresta Lumina is tangible. “The sound effects are more intense, it looks like,” blew a visitor who made the trip last year. They were also numerous in opening night, to be back in the enchanted forest for a second visit. “We came back to our youngest can see, this is really something not to be missed,” says Louise-Andrée Sylvestre Joliette came with his family.

Claudette Lajoie and Gaetan Plourde of Saint-Hubert, were meanwhile at their first experience. “It really was worth the trip. I found the last area near the river very magical, “says Ms. Lajoie, who appreciated the many stops to sit throughout the ride. “It’s a little hard for our old age, it allows us to catch our breath! ”

Most visitors surveyed at the pier of the shuttle, which transports visitors to the city center at the Gorge Park, were outside the Eastern Townships. “We just Saint-Hyacinthe, we planned our whole day in the area based on that,” said Pierre Gabrielli. “I thought it was magical, it was fabulous, I recommend to everyone. ”

We highly recommend visitors to use this “enchanted Shuttle” leaving the Pavilion of Arts and Culture of Coaticook – not from city hall seemed to believe as many visitors last Friday. If it was not quite developed in this first weekend, we were promised that the decoration will be finalized and that the “guardians of Foresta Lumina” will be stationed to animate from June 24 It will extend a little fun evening and heard comments from people who shared the experience, like that little girl who sent out to fairies through the window, wishing them good night. There is not just Foresta Lumina is beautiful: the magic that inhabits those who lived it too.

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