The Montmorency River will be lowered by 3.5 meters this summer

riviere-montmorency-sera-abaissee-35(Quebec) The Montmorency River will be lowered by 3.5 meters time of major activities under Courville caves of 9 August to 9 September. But the flow of the famous falls should not be allocated in full summer season.

The force of the small waterfall of the White Lady, west of the great fall for its part will a little less intense, according to Danielle Caron Communications Department of the City of Quebec.

But besides this little visual change, citizens should not be disturbed by these works required for sealing cracks that bring the water in the caves of Courville. “We requested that the devices used are small. There will be no noise, vibration, or smudge, “Ms. Caron explained about the work which emerge the banks of the Montmorency about a hundred meters time to seal cracks four also called” points capture ‘.

No Costing yet

Details of the work costs and equipment to be used have not yet been determined since the search firm to perform is currently the subject of a tender.

Clogging of the losses of the Montmorency River is undertaken in the wake of a report tabled in the fall by the Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) and speleologists Speltech.

The report 276 $ 680 was commissioned by the City of Quebec as a result of land subsidence in the area of ​​Brideau Street in Beauport in 2013. Sixty tenants of two apartment buildings located on this street and Xavier Giroux Street, were then evacuated.

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