The money tree: how to care for plants that always had money

The popularity of Jade is explained by the fact that people call it “Money tree”.

Грошове дерево: як доглядати за рослиною аби завжди водилися гроші

Totanka (Money tree) is very popular among gardeners. This can be explained by the fact that this plant is low maintenance and has a beautiful appearance. Tall, branchy tree with proper care, will be able to decorate any room, informs Rus.Media.

No wonder this indoor plant has the scientific name – “krasulla”. The popularity of Jade is explained by the fact that people call it “Money tree”. There is a sign that this plant brings money into the house.

Gardeners have come up with for this plant many names: the happiness tree, bread-tree, the money tree. According to Feng Shui, jade brings home prosperity and peace. In places where the tree grows, is always a positive atmosphere.

Houseplant by watering does not like flooding. But a simple watering can cause the roots will begin to rot and the leaves will quickly wither. For good drainage of the moisture in the pan, on the bottom of the pot you want to make a small hole.

Making the pot for jade, will get to the bottom of the drainage. Watering with plain water from the tap is prohibited. If other sources you do not, then the water must be well defended.

You must also not forget to periodically wipe with a damp cloth leaves money tree and spray them with water from a spray bottle. At best once a week to do tostart a warm shower. In winter, this “washing” can be done once a month.

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The money tree does not need frequent feeding. This should be done in summer, not more than 2 times per month, immediately after watering. At another time we can do a feeding once a month. Note that the concentration of fertilizer in the winter will need to reduce at least twice.

Water the jade can the same fertilizers that are sold for cacti. Or you can persevere and find a special mix for succulents, which include this plant.

Crassula don’t often bother. Of course, a transplant from time to time necessary – for example, when the tree is very expanded and does not fit in the pot. Need to replant it every 2 or 3 years, observing the greatest caution. The new pot should be bigger, otherwise the plant will get sick due to overcrowding and lack of nutrients.

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