The Moke reinvents itself on two wheels and in electric

The Moke is perhaps the must of the next summers in the seaside resorts. This small electrically assisted bicycle, simple and directly inspired by the famous Mini , has everything to become a star in Saint Tropez or Cap Ferret.

Reincarnated Mini Moke
Its name announces the color. The Moke, from the Spanish manufacturer Urban Drivestyle, undeniably refers to the Mini Moke of the 80s . Cool car par excellence, as chic as Spartan, the Mini Moke seems reincarnated in this electric bike.

Cyclists in a hurry to refrain
At first glance, one notices that this bike is not made for the speed or the performances. The Moke is not a bike for daily and hurried trips. With him one takes his time . The low saddle height requires pedaling with constantly bent legs (which is not ideal for pressing the pedals) and the shape of the handlebars invites you to take advantage of each false flat in a free wheel rather than lower your head to Gain a few kilometers an hour.

Autonomy for the seaside
Steel frame, very wide wheels, the bike weighs heavy: 26 kg in total. Its engine is located in the hub of the rear wheel, it is powered by a removable lithium-ion battery of 11.6 Ah, capable of ensuring about 40 km of autonomy . This range of action may seem restricted but it is finally enough to go to the beach and make a detour through the bar on the way back.

Small trick, the long saddle has three removable parts to offer, either a luggage carrier or a passenger seat. The bike can carry up to 180 kg of load , either two adults or a cyclist with a nice load. Another advantage is that the wide tires allow a few swerves in the sand even if the chain very exposed will not appreciate too much.

Several levels of power
Urban Drivestyle offers three power levels: 250, 500 and 1,000 watts . The machine can therefore be homologated as a simple electric-assist bike with the entry level, but this level of power seems a bit fair on this type of bike. Produced in small series, the Moke was victim of its success and the manufacturer was not able to meet all the demands . A more substantial production line is being developed and will finally meet demand by July 2017. The entry-level tariff is set at $ 1,990, pre-order.

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