The Ministry will soon count the total number of people who qualify for subsidies

About this informed the head of the Directorate of family and social support of the population of the Ministry of social policy Vitaly muzichenko.

Мінсоцполітики найближчим часом підрахує загальну кількість громадян, які можуть претендувати на субсидії

He noted that the test subsidient of the office will be held for 2-3 months, informs Rus.Media.

“The amount of money that is provided, it is calculated and may be adjusted depending on several parameters. In particular, the number of recipients of subsidies. After the changes, we do not fully understand yet the number of recipients of subsidies for the next heating period and as to take this information for the last heating period is quite wrong, I think that in the coming months, that is, through December, we will receive enough clear information that will give you the opportunity to adjust the appropriate amount,” – said muzichenko

Earlier in the Parliament said that the draft state budget of Ukraine for the year 2019, the Cabinet has provided 55 billion on subsidies for the population that may be critically small amount of a price hike in gas prices this autumn.

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