The Ministry of Finance has authorized the registration of cash registers and accounting books in one application

The process will be automated.

Мінфін дозволив реєстрацію касових апаратів і книги обліку по одній заявці

The Finance Ministry has simplified the registration of payment transactions recorders (PPO), abolishing the mandatory use of accounting books settlement transactions (KURO), informs Rus.Media.

The Ministry of Finance has authorized the registration and re-registration of cash registers by one statement by automating the process. The document establishes the electronic exchange of information between the State fiscal service and the service Centre when you register RRO. In addition, the use KURO is only provided in case of malfunction of the cash register. If you have a backup of the device KURO may not use.

  • Ukrainian business polls were fined for violation of rules of keeping of books of account transactions (KURO). Do not save even the timely submission of reports in electronic form. To avoid the huge fines the tax authorities, in addition to electronic registration, entrepreneurs are forced to duplicate all financial records with cash cash transactions the old fashioned way, manually kleiva checks in the “granary books”. But this is not always save. Tax find fault with even minor errors in the administration KURO entrepreneurs and prescribe penalties fivefold from not credited cash.
  • Today, despite the fact that all the necessary statements will be automatically included in the database of the Fiscal service via e-business offices, for reassurance, you still need to keep records of cash profit every day in KURO. Manually paste the report, the estimated receipts, checks, etc. Which certainly adds paperwork and complexity.
  • However, experts recommend not to rush to send it in to the trash even when officials finally settle all the formalities and will allow businesses to rely on automation. Even after it is published the order of the Ministry of Finance, KURO will still have to keep until, until there will be work without books. And there is a separate procedure.
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