The Minister of health was allowed to eat, drink and smoke: “what you want”

Министр здравоохранения разрешила есть, пить и курить: «сколько хочется»

The head of the Ministry of health has allowed plenty compatriots eat meat, drink alcoholic drinks and smoke

The table bold statement was made by newly appointed Minister of health of Norway Sylvie Listhaug.

She believes that all of the above is to use “as much as you like”. Listhaug this was stated in an interview with radio station NRK. The Minister said he was not going to tell people how they should live.

Министр здравоохранения разрешила есть, пить и курить: «сколько хочется»

Her method is to provide choice.

“I intend to provide people with enough information as a basis for selection. I mean that people should be allowed to smoke, drink and eat as much meat as they want. The authorities are pleased to inform (about addiction), but people usually know what is useful and what is not” — said the head of the Norwegian Ministry of health.

On the website radio interview with Listhaug illustrated with a photograph of the Minister of health is Smoking.

However, it is reported that the woman quit this addiction, although taken from time to time for a cigarette, for example, somewhere at the party.

“I think that many smokers feel disgusted (in the form of pictures about the dangers of Smoking on cigarette packs). I think that’s silly. Although Smoking is a bad habit, adults should decide for themselves what to do,” said Sylvie Listhaug.

As previously reported, her Ukrainian colleague Ulyana Suprun told how to eat fat with the maximum health benefits.

According to her fat is a mixture of fats, which includes saturated fats and mono – and polinenasyshchenne fatty acids – such as vegetable oils. 100 grams of fat contains almost 40 grams of healthy fats, which is double the daily norm for our body.

“That is a lot of fat is not worth it. But a little — a few skybox — it is possible and useful,” notes Suprun on his Facebook page.

According to her, in fat more fats with unsaturated fatty acids that positively affect the condition of the body.

Министр здравоохранения разрешила есть, пить и курить: «сколько хочется»

Moreover, the fat contains essential omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, necessary for the formation of sheaths around the neurons and counteracting inflammatory processes. People who eat little fatty fish and exotic and expensive avocado, of such fatty acids is not enough.

In addition, you should not worry about cholesterol, fat and not much of it. 100 grams of fat contains only 95 milligrams.

And in order to fat has the greatest health benefits, Suprun recommends that you do not consume fat in large quantities.

We will remind that the Ministry of health opened the main intrigue: what makes Suprun.

As reported Politeka, Suprun has introduced new rules: how to get social drug in pharmacies.

Also Politeka wrote that Suprun said that thinking about “folk medicine”: homeopathy, Supplements, herbal medicine.