The Minister accused the Ukrenergo in numbers as growth rates

Кабмин обвинил Укрэнерго в манипуляции цифрами по росту тарифов

Statements of the management of the state enterprise “national energy company “Ukrenergo” about the alleged 30% increase in the cost of electricity for industrial customers due to the launch of a transparent electricity market is incorrect. This is stated in the official statement of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine published on the official website.

“As the findings of the situation analysis of the Ministry of energy and coal industry of Ukraine, the calculation of “Ukrenergo” is based on the results of trading on the Ukrainian energy exchange when the offer price was equal to the price of electricity in peak loads — 2375 UAHmW. But this proposal, as it turned out, it was situational and was not supported by the market. The seller of electricity of PJSC “Tsentrenergo” — lowered the price to weighted average, and for the first seven days of operation of the electricity market “Tsentrenergo” to sell electricity at an average price of in 1599 UAHmW steady schedule. Thus, the cost analysis shows that production processes can continue to decrease to 1300 UAHmW. In the company “Centrenergo” plan to reduce the price to the announced figure already in the coming months.”

Thus, the statement, Ukrenergo appeals to the incorrect indicators. “It turns out that the calculations of NEC “Ukrenergo”at least not correctly, because the appeal to the incorrect price indices. Moreover, today, when the electricity market operates only two weeks, to talk about the growth of prices, in principle, is inappropriate, because not in force a number of other processes related to market factors — for example, the price in the balancing market or monthly balance. To do any price estimates it is possible only after at least a month of work of the market”, — writes portal.

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As reported by the media yesterday, acting Director of the NPC Ukrenergo Vsevolod Kovalchuk said that the average price of electricity for industry has grown by 29.22%, or 472 grivnas/MVt-hour to 2090 UAH/MWh after the launch of the new market model.

Recall now trades on the market “day ahead” ended the weighted average price is 1149 UAH/kWh, which is almost 30% below yesterday’s trading.