The militants enraged, 500 explosions rocked the Donbas: what’s going on

Боевики взбесились, 500 взрывов сотрясли Донбасс: что происходит

Militants in the Donbas seems to have completely freaked out, instead of the promised truce, they staged a hard attack

Special monitoring mission of the OSCE in the time of observation in the Donbass recorded more than 500 explosions during the day. As reported Politeka, this is stated in the report SMM OSCE.

It is reported that in the period from 4 PM on the evening of 5 October in Donetsk has increased the number of violations of the ceasefire. In particular, the mission has recorded more explosions (about 500), when compared with the previous reporting period (approximately 210 explosions).

Боевики взбесились, 500 взрывов сотрясли Донбасс: что происходит

Most of the violations of the cease-fire was in regions in the North-North-East from Marinka (controlled by the government, 23 km South-West of Donetsk), in the South-West of Dokuchaevsk (outside the control of government, 30 km South-West of Donetsk) and in the South-West and East of Svetlodarsk (controlled by the government, 57 km North-East of Donetsk).

In the period from 5 PM to 6 PM October the SMM noted a decrease in the number of violations of the cease-fire, fixing also smaller explosions (220), when compared with the previous period. Almost all violations of the cease-fire, including more than half of explosions, recorded in the areas to the southwest and East of Svetlodarsk, in the North-North-East of Marinka and nearby Maori.

Earlier it was reported that among terrorists of “DNR” of the purges began, the company is actively searching for traitors. This was stated by the blogger Max Barinov.

“If you don’t know, blowing up stores of ammunition are not advertised, but over the last month is the place to be a number”, — he said and added that due to the large leakage of information, in the ranks of the security forces of the “DNR” began cleaning.

Боевики взбесились, 500 взрывов сотрясли Донбасс: что происходит

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“Now try to present not a cunning scheme to know that this or that person is a traitor. Now, according to information from the approximate source last week, the terrorists issued a yellow paper with a series of questions: name, place of service, who would you have agreed to perform a combat mission, who you ask for advice, from whose opinion the unit you do not agree with whom you want to spend time after hours,” — said the blogger.

Recall that the terrorists got the teeth from the APU for the mortar hell: “a big loss”, details.

As reported Politeka, cars with military crashed in an accident.

Also Politeka wrote that the militants brutalized and spat on the truce: soldiers of the APU are the new losses.