The merger of Belarus and Russia, revealed the evil plan of Putin: “sanctions are lifted”

Слияние Беларуси и РФ, раскрыт коварный план Путина: "санкции отменят"

Vladimir Putin considers Belarus as a bargaining chip

A similar opinion was voiced by the expert and retired Colonel Oleg Zhdanov, reports Glavred.

According to him, Vladimir Putin does not exclude the possibility that it may stagger to a chair, so he sees Belarus as a part of the Union state, which will allow him to remain in power

Слияние Беларуси и РФ, раскрыт коварный план Путина: "санкции отменят"

“Belarus can not exist independently from the Russian Federation. I think that Vladimir Putin is deliberately and methodically strengthens these relationships…” — no doubt a military expert

Zhdanov convinced that Vladimir Putin thanks to the creation of the Union state can remain “in charge” and after the end of the current presidential term, because he will have to change again the Constitution in order to stay in the Kremlin

After you create the Union state with Belarus as such, Russia will no longer, therefore, the sanctions imposed against Moscow over its aggression against Ukraine and occupation of Crimea can be reversed.

“Physically because Putin strengthens ties with Belarus, which has long been absorbed by Russia. And the political aspect he holds a trump card in the sleeve”, — said Zhdanov.

Summing up, the military expert said that Vladimir Putin may play the trump card in 2024, when the term of the next presidential elections in Russia, or in circumstances that will threaten their retention of power in the Kremlin

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Слияние Беларуси и РФ, раскрыт коварный план Путина: "санкции отменят"

We previously reported that Vladimir Putin started the plan for rapprochement with Belarus. In particular, the President instructed to prepare options the synchronization of the laws of Moscow and Minsk.

According to unofficial data, officials in key ministries has received an indication from the Kremlin must cope with the task until 2020.

In the Russian Ministry of Finance officially confirmed that “the question is studied”. From this Department expect, in particular, proposals for harmonization of the two tax systems.

The intention to unify the tax system was confirmed by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Belarus Vladimir Makei. True, he does not know the exact time.

We will remind, the Kremlin shocked by the “betrayal” of Lukashenko.

As reported Politeka, Lukashenko Zelensky mocked Vladimir Putin in front of everyone

Also Politeka wrote that Lukashenko was struck by the frankness, the Zelensky eyes on the forehead climbed.